Friday, January 19, 2018

Let's Talk About Sleep, Baby

Whenever I post about how Zac is sleeping through the night I always get a ton of emails or direct messages asking how I do it.  I'm three kids deep and still don't have any tips that are 100% foolproof and I'm sure you know why...there aren't any!  There are a million and one factors that come into play when it comes to your baby's sleep. No two babies are the same so it's really hard to tell what's going to work and what's not.  Ultimately what I've come to learn is that (simply put) some babies are just not good sleepers.  It takes time & patience. And coffee & wine.
I do have 4 tips that have worked for me in one way or another over the years and think they're worth sharing but don't hold me to it!

1)  As soon as you feel that baby is ready to be in their own space and not in your room, get um out of there!  Getting used to sleeping in a bassinet or crib right next to your bed or in some cases right in your bed might be working against you if you let it go too long.  The transition might not be fun but I definitely think if baby knows you're not right next to them at their beck and call they may not be as inclined to wake up!  Brad slept in our room until he was over a year old because we, at the time,  didn't have the extra space for him.  Around six months he started waking up at all hours of the the night crying for us and wanting to be in our bed.  Fast forward two years later and even though he has his own room now we are still feeling the wrath!

2) Try a Woombie!  You guys know my love runs deep for these things.  They're easy to use, effective and safe!  Zac has used his every single night since he came home from the hospital.  It's definitely worth checking out.

3)  If your baby is old enough for solid foods, try avocado's before bed.  If they don't like plain avocados puree it with some sweet fruit like apples, pears or blueberries.  Avocados are packed with "good" fats that stick with them longer and help them feel more full throughout the night.  I always noticed a huge difference with Charlie on nights that he had avocados for dinner!

4) Lastly, try to let your baby fall asleep on their own. The way your child falls asleep i.e. nursing/bottle or rocking will be the way they want to fall asleep when they wake up in the middle of the night. I say "when they wake up" because they will. All babies wake up in the middle of the night.  The difference is whether or not they are able to fall back asleep on their own or if they cry for you to bring them their "sleep crutch" i.e. bottle/ rocking etc.  I have found this to be so true with all three of my kids.  Even though I give a bottle before bed I always try to keep them awake until I put them in their crib so that they are able to fall asleep on their own.

Good luck and remember to give yourself grace during those difficult nights.  These months or even years are only a phase and I promise you one day you'll look back on these sleepless nights and miss it! XOXO

Friday, January 12, 2018

Zac's 7 month update

I honestly don't know how we are here already.  Time (once again) is flying by!  This has been an awesome month for Zac.  He not only is hitting a ton of milestones but I'm seeing his looks and personality change too!
He is sitting up on his own now, yay!  He loves to sit in the middle of the floor with all his toys and watch his brothers play.  He is also pushing up on all fours and standing on his own for a bit while holding on to the couch.  Little man might be later to the game on this stuff than his brothers but once he gets going they better watch out!

First word is Dada. Surprise surprise!  All three of the boys said Dada first.  That's all he says now, "Dadadada" and sometimes "Dadeeeeee".  So cute!

He's totally got the hang of eating and hasn't met a food he doesn't like!  He loves puffs and using these Boon pulp feeders (they are way better than the net ones and so much easier to clean!). 

He is still sleeping well but lately he's been waking up once a night for a bottle and then going right back to sleep.  I'm still amazed at how much better of a sleeper he is than Charlie and Brad as babies.  It's crazy what having their own room with no distractions can do for their sleep.  So important.  Brad on the other hand is giving me a real run for my money.  He's up at all hours, crying, having a hard time falling back asleep, not wanting to sleep without Ben or I in his bed with him.  It's a real shit show but I also feel like he gets a pass because he fully potty trained in 48 hrs.  I didn't even think a fun potty training experience was a possibility but here we are diaper free and happy as can be.  I didn't even need to use any kind of reward system besides some left over Dum Dum suckers from Halloween!

Zac is in full snuggle mode!  He wants to grab your face and give you allllll the open mouth kisses.  Nuzzle up to slobber all over and suck on your neck and gives the best squeezes!

Cheers to you, Zac man!  You are a dream come true, perfect through and through!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year

Hello 2018! Hope everyone had the best holiday season with family and friends!  Ours was awesome!  We kept some traditions and made some new ones, we ate a lot, laughed a lot and relaxed a lot.  We rang in the new year with friends and enjoyed our time off of school and work with no schedules, routines or obligations.  It was a good one for sure but also feels good to be back in the swing of things!

Most people hate January, it's like the Monday of the year.  I don't mind it at all though, I love the fresh start that it brings!  Every year gets better and better and 2017 was my best year yet so I'm really looking forward to what 2018 has in store!!  Let's talk resolutions.  As I look back and reflect on last years resolution I think I did quite well with it.  I'm still working on a clutter free lifestyle both mentally and physically but I am proud of the progress I've made this past year!  2018 will be my year of self care.  My resolution is to focus on the things that make me look and feel good.  Little things, nothing crazy.  Like using shaving cream and a nice razor when I shave my legs instead of quickly running a disposable razor over them in the shower.  Switching my cotton pillow cases for the silk ones that are good for you hair and skin.  Keeping my mani/pedi game strong.  Stuff like that.  I've rounded up a couple self care ideas and products that I'm going to do or am using that I love in case anyone wants to join me!  Here's to falling in love with taking care of ourselves. Mind, body and spirit! 

Hope all your new year dreams come true!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holiday Photos

Sharing a few of the boys holiday photos today.  These pictures sum them up so well.  Charlie, the big brother, the protector and sweet soul.  He is my polo wearing preschooler who is so kind, helpful and very imaginative.  Brad, my wild heart.  He is the silliest, loves his big brother with all his might and wants to do ALL the things.  He lives for snacks, superheros and snuggles.  Baby Zac, the biggest little brother with the best giggles, the best cheek kisses and all the heart eyes for his brothers.  These Reeder boys fill our life with so much joy and cheer.  You can see it in these pictures; the crazy, the happiness and all the love.  Thanks to Fleeting Fox Photography for another year of beautiful family photos.  We adore you, Courtney! 

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Santa Came to Town

The boys have been battling colds on and off for a month now but recently it's been so bad. Ugh.  Santa came to our house last night and we almost cancelled because of how crappy they were feeling but I'm so glad we didn't.  The anticipation alone was enough to make them feel better.  Running back and fourth from window to window checking if they could spot Santa and his sleigh.  Once Santa arrived they lite up!  He asked what they wanted for Christmas and read them The Night Before Christmas story.  It was so sweet.  Brad couldn't believe that the Santa in the book was the same Santa right in our own living room.  He kept exclaiming "That's you, Santa! That's you!" on each page.  Charlie was a little shy but when it was time for a hug he leaped into arms.  Zac hated him and cried at the mere sight of him.  What a fun night it was though.  Love seeing the magic through their eyes and so happy to be able to brighten their spirits if only for a little while.

 Charlie asked for a Fingerling which I thought was totally off his radar so I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle that Santa will pull through in the clutch. Oh and Brad asked for a box!
Happy Weekend!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Zac's Half Birthday

Go go go go shawty, it's your half birthday!  
I got a ton of DM's on Instagram about this adorable outfit and wanted to link it up for you here.  This was a hand-me-down from his cousin but the shop is River Babe ThreadsThe tee is sold out but they have it as a pullover which is way cuter!  And this "Jolly AF" pullover is on my Christmas wish list.  Love it!

Homeboy is growing like a weed! He's my little butterball and I just want to eat him up!  By six months both Charlie and Brad were sitting on their own and walking in a walker.  Zac does neither. Ha.  I know you shouldn't compare kids but Zac definitely needs full support while sitting and when he's in his walker he JUST sits.  Every once in a while he might push himself backwards but for the most part he likes to play it cool and chill.  I'm actually dreading the day he starts tooling around in his walker as we have an open stairway to the basement and I haven't quite figured out how to block that off yet.  A regular baby gate will not suffice.

He must be teething because he's drooling 24/7 and his little tongue is working nonstop massaging his gums.  Both Charlie and Brad started teething around this same time and popped both bottom teeth through around 9 mo.  If history repeats itself we have a long teething road ahead.

He is so happy.  He loves snuggling and singing.  He started clapping this month and his giggles are the best!  He lights up when he smiles and you can't help but light up too!  He's a doll!

He's back sleeping through the night this month!  How? You ask.  I stuffed him right back in his woombie sleep sack.  He's way over the legal weight limit for it but he's got it stretched out good and loves the sh&#t out of it. So...

Happy half birthday, Zac man!  Time is flying.  Gaaa, happy tears.  You are one of a kind and I'm so thankful you're mine!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We had a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving last week.  I made the boys these festive breakfast turkeys that they got an absolute kick out of.  We deep fried our real turkey and stuffed ourselves with all the fixings!  Zac tried his first solid food, mashed potatoes and what little bit he did swallow he loved! My mom and I made raspberry mimosa's then we all vegged out the rest of the day. It was perfect.

 I got to be the parent helper at Charlies school last week where they talked about what they are thankful for.  Charlie said he was thankful for books, his brothers and being able to play!  What great things he thought of!  We asked Brad what he was thankful for and he said "spida-man".  Can you tell we are superhero obsessed over here!?  Zac is thankful for mashed potatoes, he said so himself:)
I am thankful for my family.  They mean more to me than anything in the world.  
Happy December eve, friends!