Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Is it snowing where you live today?  We got our first snow fall here in northeast Ohio and it's like a little winter wonderland outside!  This weeks Friday Favorites are all about being comfortable!   From the softest t-shirt and cardigan to anti-colic bottles and comfort food, I've got you covered!
Have you guys checked out the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia line at Target? O.M.G. I want it all!  I am loving all the greenery, the black and white and the overall rustic vibe.  Here are some of my faves... Glass Jug Vases - Kitchen Towels  - Wreath Collection - Matte Flateware.  I'm pretty sure this stuff will only be out for a limited time so run don't walk!

Saturday Morning Pancakes does it again with their "Insane with the Champagne" tee!  These tee's are so soft, a little oversized and a great quality!  I love this brand just as much as I love Champs!  Speaking of which, I was recently introduced to the Chambong a few weeks ago at my friends house.  So fun/funny, we classy like that!

My absolute favorite Knitted Cardigan.  I basically live in this thing 24/7!

It's all about soups and comfort food this season and I found the best of both worlds with this super yummy corn and cauliflower soup over at Salt & Lavender.  So good!

H&M always has the best boy boot options for winter.  They are affordable, handsome and very durable.  I just picked up a few for the boys and can't wait to get them!

The Twistshake toddler cups and baby bottles have quickly become my all time favorite baby products!  They come in a ton of different colors, are all very easy to clean and the boys love them!  Don't forget to use reederandco20 when completing your purchase for 20% off your order!  They offer free shipping on orders over $25 and products ship within 24 hrs. and usually arrive very quickly within 1-3 business days!

Hope you all have a warm and cozy weekend! XO

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween started pretty rocky for us this year.  First off, we were all coming down from a nasty cold.  My phone had been giving me problems and had to be restored to the factory settings so I didn't have access to my emails to see if Charlie was supposed to dress up for school.  I asked him the night before if his teacher said to dress up and he said no so he didn't.  As soon as we walked in to school and saw all the kids dressed up his jaw hit the floor and I could see the disappointment on his face:(  Sooo I had to haul ass back home to grab his costume and luckily made it back just in time for his parade.   The day ended on a high note though.  We kept up with tradition and made pumpkin seeds like my grandma used to make and had a big homemade spaghetti dinner like my mom always made for me, my sister and friends before heading out trick or treating!  It was too cold for Buzz Lightyear to be out but Iron Man and Wolverine had so much fun!  This was the first year I didn't get to pick out their costumes. Brad chose his solely because of the long claws and was so excited to wear them but never ended up putting them on because that would have required him to put down the sucker!  

Happy Halloween!  Now it's time to blast those Christmas carols!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We visited the pumpkin patch last week to pick pumpkins and apples and had so much fun!  The boys really enjoyed picking the apples because they were allowed to eat them while they picked.  Charlie did all the picking, Brad did all the eating and Zac slept on Ben's should for most of the trip.  Hope everyone is enjoying all these perfect weather fall days!  We are so excited for Halloween and really this whole holiday season.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Here's a few shots from our outing, enjoy!


Friday, October 13, 2017

Zac's Four Month Update

This four month mark has quickly become a sweet spot for us.  He's got a nice routine going during the day and still sleeping through the night so (I know I say this for every stage *eye roll*) this is by far our favorite stage!

Age: 4 months
Stats: Not sure his exact stats because I haven't taken him for this months well check (which reminds me I need to schedule that!) If I had to guess I'd say 22 lbs. and 29 in. long!
Nicknames: No nicknames!  We all just call him Zac. Except Brad, Brad calls him Zachary Duke Reeder or my baby all the time! 
Milestones: We got a good one this month, rolling from belly to back!  I haven't seen it yet but sometimes when I lay him down on his belly for a nap he's on his back when he wakes up!  He wiggles all over his crib at night too. I lay him down the same way every night and he is in complete opposite positions by the morning.  This month, just like Charlie, he started losing is hair and the regrowth is coming in super blonde!
Favorites: He absolutely loves sitting up on the couch and watching his bro's play.  They are his favorite entertainment and the three of them are becoming quit the trio:) He also loves chatting and laughing!  When he's really excited he does these high pitched squeals that are equally annoying and cute at the same time! He loves being snuggled, held, rocked, sang to and kissed on his cheeks and neck. He still loves being swaddled at night but he is quickly growing out of his Woombie and they don't make a bigger size than the one we've got so I'm searching for an alternative option.  Suggestions welcomed! He is just starting to get the hang of holding and chewing his teethers too.  He really enjoys slobbering all over them!
Least Favorites: I'm not joking when I say there's nothing he doesn't like.  Besides daddy's scruffy beard, as long as he's not hungry this boy is sooo laid back and happy.  He just hangs out and is enjoying the good life!
Signature Moves: He loves sucking on his fingers and fists and is turning into a little drool monster. Blowing spit bubbles and raspberries all day long.
We love you to the moon, Zachary Duke!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Teeth Whitening Review + Giveaway

My days are spent 50% wondering if it’s too late to drink coffee and 50% wondering if it’s too early to drink wine. I’m totally addicted to both because…kids.  
My teeth have suffered from staining over the years because of my excessive coffee and wine drinking and I’ve never been able to stick to a whitening plan because my teeth are so sensitive.  Whitening strips have always bothered my teeth and gums and whitening toothpaste has never been effective for me.  I even paid the big bucks for professional whitening services under a blue light at my dentist’s office a few years ago.  My teeth did seem whiter when I left but the next morning I swear they looked stained again.  I was so disappointed and thought that was just the way my teeth would always look.  
When SmileBrilliant reached out to see if I wanted to review their teeth whitening kit I decided to give it a try especially because they offer a desensitizing gel that helps for sensitive teeth like mine!  This product has quickly become one of my beauty must haves, here’s why…
The SmileBrilliant kit is exactly what you would get at a professional dentist’s office just waaaay less expensive!  The process from start to finish is super easy!  They send you a teeth molding kit with detailed instructions on how to get a perfect mold of your teeth (upper and lower).  You send your molds in to their lab with a postage paid package they provide.  Within a week you receive your custom fitted trays (like clear retainers) and you are all set to get whitening.  I did my sessions every other night before bed for about an hour or so and sometimes on the weekends I would do it in the morning while showering and getting ready for the day.  What’s the best part about the process, you ask?  It works!  I saw results after my first session and after my fifth session others starting noticing my whiter teeth too!

Giveaway Time!
I’m so impressed with SmileBrilliant that I want to do a giveaway!  One winner will receive a $139 credit to SmileBrilliant!  Giveaway ends in 2 weeks on Oct. 20th and is open to USA, UK, Canada and Australia!
To enter submit your name and email here: 

If you want to head over and purchase your teeth whitening kit now be sure to use coupon code reederandco for 10% off your order!

Happy Friday and Good Luck!

Home Teeth Whitening

Friday, September 22, 2017

Charlie's First Day of School

Happy Friday and happy first day of fall!  This week has been rough.  Charlie brought home a case of hand, foot and mouth disease from school to share so graciously with his brother.  I'm doing everything in my power to make sure Zac doesn't get it. So far so good but we still have a long road to battle so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  
On a lighter note, I can't believe I have a child in school!  Last week on Charlie's first day I had an epiphany.  From this day forward I will have kids in school for the next, what? 20 years (or more if you count college)!?  What an adventure we are embarking on.
Ever since this past February when I signed Charlie up for preschool he has had major anxiety over it. Ben and I started talking to him about it in the most positive ways we could think but he wasn't responding well. He would cry, be visually distraught and even developed a stutter just over the mere thought of it.  Knowing how scared he was was totally stressing me out.  The only thing we could think to do was to keep talking about it and letting him know that it was ok to be afraid but he really didn't need to be.  We read books about school, let him pick out a back pack and his own school clothes.  After our parents orientation, I let him know I met his teacher and loved her and saw his classroom with tons of fun things to do in it.  All of this helped but it wasn't until he received a postcard in the mail from his teacher a few days before his first day with the sweetest note that he actually smiled and after a few serious questions ("So if I go to school how will I eat dinner?" and "What if I have to go to the bathroom at school?") he said "Ok, I want to go to school."  Literally, just like that all of his fears went out the window and I was so happy I pretended I had to go to the bathroom, locked myself in a cried like a baby.
On his first day, he was nervous for sure but there were no tears except from his teacher when he handed her flowers.

Now that we are a couple days in he absolutely LOVES it!  He goes to bed every night asking if he can go to school tomorrow and wakes up in the morning asking if he gets to go to school today.  He's thriving in the classroom setting and I'm just over the moon excited for him and what a wonderful student he's becoming.  We are so proud!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Zac's Three Month Update

I tried getting this post live last week but we were super busy, mostly with Charlie's school preparation (which I'll post about later this week!).  Our littlest hit some big milestones this past month and I'm excited share!

Zac has been sleeping in his crib in his own room every night for the past week!  He was ready for the transition a month ago but I wasn't.  Even though we had the camera set up I was still nervous about having him upstairs by himself.  He has been doing just fine up there and I'm hoping he keeps this 8pm-7am sleep pattern going!  I wanted to link a few things here for you guys as I have gotten a lot of questions after my 2 month update and my Instagram story of his first night in the crib. First, the monitor we use is this Motorola Camera. I love it!  It has amazing picture quality, monitors room temperature and has an app to use on your phone.  The night vision is so good I can actually see his little belly moving up and down while he breaths which is obviously a plus.  Also, I linked this in my Newborn must haves post but the swaddle I use is this Woombie.  I have the Bamboo Mod'Swad  version in rockstar and Zac really loves sleeping in it.  Hope that helps!

Zac's personality shines brighter with each day.  Not only are we getting big smiles but he is starting to laugh too!  Ahh so cute!  He loves to be talked and sang to and he also loves to be sitting up so that he can see all action!

He skipped right over 6mo. clothes and went straight to 9mo. over night and he's filling the 9 months out good.  I bet he's in 12 month clothes by the time he hits 4 months!

Happy 3 months, Zac!