Saturday, July 27, 2013

Three Months- No hair, don't care

By month 3 we were riding high on cloud 9.  Charlie was jaundice free, sleeping through the night and developing his own little personality that was totally melting hearts.

Celebrated his first St. Patrick's Day
Took his first stroller ride (big boy style)
knocked out his first 7+ hour road trip to Milwaukee
Went swimming in a pool for the first time
Started giving us BIG smiles!
Graduated to "Big Dude"
Started losing all his dark hair :(

While Charlie was busy going bald so was mama.  I could write for days on all the things that no one tells you about during pregnancy but this one totally caught me off guard.  When I first started losing my hair it was late March and I had convinced myself that it happens to me every year around this time.  I literally thought that because summer was on it's way I was "shedding" some of my winter hair.  What the f*ck?! I went on thinking this for a few weeks until I realized something was not right. The thought crossed my mind that I had cancer until I was reminded that chemo makes you lose your hair not the actual cancer. Phew. It wasn't until I asked my best friend (who also does my hair) about it that I learned I was going through postpartum hair lose. Yes, it exists and yes, it is the WORST.  You might as well add it to your list of things that make you feel like shit after having a kid because *gasp* it could happen to you.  Don't say I didn't worn you.

1. Bumbo Seat (and tray)- We started him in this seat pretty early on. He wasn't a huge fan of tummy time at first.  He would only do it a few minutes a day before melting down.  We used it to help strengthen his head and neck muscles by holding his books and toys up high so he had to learn to lift his head up.

2. Are You My Mother- This book was and still is his favorite.  He really loves when daddy does voice overs for the different characters!

3. Aden & Anais blankets-  They say that if your going out with your child in the winter you really shouldn't bundle them up to much, especially if you'll be in the car for a long time.  They can over heat in the car because you have the heat on.  Anyways, these blankets are great for swaddling and wrapping them up tight after they are buckled in their car seat.  They are obviously super cute too!

4. Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper-  As soon as Charlie was able to hold his head up we put him in this thing and he loved it.  I also use to position it so that his feet dangled and I would push it like a swing.  He liked that even more :)

5. Rhino Toys Oball Football-  This was Charlie's first toy that he showed interest in.  I was fortunate to catch it on video.  He moved it from one hand to the other just studying and grunting at it.  It's still one of his favs!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Months 1 & 2

Jaundice much!?

Are these monthly ties not the cutest?!?
Looking back at these pictures I can't believe how jaundice he looked.  I can't speak much on exactly what jaundice is but I think it has to do with high levels of pigment in the blood and how well your liver can filter it out.  It's measured on some sort of number scale and I think anything over 18 is life threatening.  I literally pulled that from my ass so don't take my word for it.  The doctors at the hospital told us before we left that he was at an 8 and he looked worse then he really was. I didn't noticed it, I thought he looked normal. After our first pediatricians appointment we were sent to get his Bilirubin checked because she thought he looked higher then an 8 and turns out it was really high.  It had crept up to 17.  They sent us home with one of those bili-blankets for the night and told us to come back in the morning. It had only dropped down to 16 but they were hopeful since it was at least dropping.  They sent us back again the next day. And again. And again. And again, with no real improvement.  We were then referred to a specialist which was a joke because they jerked us around for 2 months and by then he started getting better on his own.  What a crock.  Ben and I counted and I think he had his Bilirubin checked over 7 times which is ridicules seeing as how they have to drawn blood each time.  You can see in his 1 week photo below the prick marks on his little heels :(  He was a tough dude through it all though and surprisingly so was mama!  Needless to say, after this incident and a few other uncalled for moves by our pediatricians staff we went elsewhere.

The first two months flew by and we were enjoying every minute of it!

Celebrated his first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Valentines Day
Had enough hair to rock a faux hawk
Was nicknamed "Little Dude"
Partied all night every night
Made funny faces and smiled unintentionally
Loved to snuggle, eat and be sung to

Babies need a lot of crap and trust me we have it all but here are a few things we definitely got some good mileage out of.  Some of which we are still using today.  Some are freebies too!

1. Boppy - I brought this thing to the hospital with me and it really helped while Charlie and I were learning to breastfeed. It's great for tummy time, learning to sit up and as a head rest for mama on road trips.  I, of coarse, didn't like any of the boppy covers found in stores so I bought a white minky one from Little Owls Nest.

2. Mod'Swad-  This little zip up swaddler is a must have for sure!  Not only are they made of a lightweight breathable organic spandex fabric, they are super cute!

3. Boon Grass Drying Racks-  Another product that is not only functional but cute too!  They also make adorable little tree and flower accessories to go with it for hanging nipples and small breast pump parts.

4. Babyganics Products-  I use the hand sanitizer, hand wash and some of the cleaning supplies.  They are organic and have no smell.

5. Carseat Canopy- We used this all winter long and loved it.  Best part, I got it free (just had to pay shipping).  They come in all different patterns and colors.  Use promo code PTS8

6.Seven Sling- Got this bad boy free too!  I'm pretty sure that once you order the Carseat Canopy they send you free promo codes for this sling and other products from  I got a free breastfeeding cover from them but it didn't make the list because I never used it.  Anyways, if you don't get one for the sling use Promo code PT8.   Hope that makes sense.

7. Pinxav-  I have been using Pinxav (Pronounced pink salve) since the day we brought Charlie home and I swear he has never gotten a diaper rash.  Ever.  Which I hear is pretty rare considering most babies with jaundice are prone to them.

8. Breast Pads-  I also got these free from but unfortunately I don't have a promo code to share.

9.  Rock and Play Sleeper- Ben and I both agree that this was a life saver and a half!  As soon as we used it Charlie started sleeping longer at night and I know it played a key roll in him sleeping through the night at an early 3 months.

Off to Milwaukee on Saturday we go!  In the meantime, I'll leave you with a more current picture of the dude.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pregnancy Favorites

Feeling your baby kick for the first time is such a surreal experience. Everything up to that point is all talk. For me it was the first time having another human being inside me became very real and I was so jazzed over it. I can honestly say (without feeling like a bad mom) that that was the only part about being pregnant that I enjoyed. Even when he was doing Tae Kwon Do as I was trying to fall asleep was enjoyable. And the first time Ben felt him kick I was elated!! I also had a really easy pregnancy, so I don't know why I didn't like being pregnant. OK, that's a lie, I know exactly why I didn't like it. I can't stand being told what I can or can not do and from the second I found out I was pregnant I got slammed with restrictions. No coffee, no alcohol, no sushi, no tanning, no vigorous workouts, no sleeping on my stomach, no NOTHING! Not to mention I had Ben policing over me at all times making sure I was doing everything I was supposed to do. My doc told me to drink two glasses of milk a day and I admit that there were many days I didn't. Ben was sure to ask me every day if I drank my milk. I remember one day he asked and I lied and said I had both glasses already. "That's funny because the milk hasn't been opened yet!" Busted. I also hated the weight gain, drowsiness and that general not feeling myself feeling. My huge boobs put me over the edge though, I needed bigger boobs like I needed a hole in my head. For real.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of things (besides my husband and mom) that helped get me through my pregnancy.
1.Baby Ritmo -As I mentioned in my last post I absolutely LOVED this thing! I know there are different versions out there like these Belly Buds that Kim Kardashian used. Although the Belly Buds are less restricting I liked the Ritmo better because it has 4 speakers. Surround sound, if you will, for the babe.

2.Crane Drop Humidifier - I used this while I was pregnant AND after Charlie was born. Not only are they sleek and modern looking, they come in different colors to match your nursery. So cute!

3.Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go! - This book was specifically written to be read in utero. I might have cried at the end the first time I read it.


5.Palmer's Cocoa Butter - I used this and it worked really well but towards the end of my pregnancy the smell made me nauseous. If your not a huge fan of cocoa butter I would go with the Mustela brand.

6.Last but not least, my beloved body pillow. I used one that I already had, it's basically a super long pillow. There are some rock stars out there now though that look like a dream to sleep in, like this one .

Friday, July 12, 2013


I feel like I need to do some back tracking. Ben and I got married in October of 2011 and in February of 2012 we decided one Friday that since I was a few days late I would go get a pregnancy test and we would take it together after work. I went on my lunch break to get the test and by the time I got back to work I had decided there was no way in hell I could wait until 6pm that evening. I headed straight for the restroom. It was there at work (with Ben in a meeting) that I found out I was knocked up pregnant! Surprise! I wasn't as fond of being pregnant as I thought I would be but I'll save that rant for another post. I will also make sure to post about all my pregnancy "must haves" and monthly favorites like this Baby Ritmo. I used it every night before I went to bed and swear that Charlie is as smart, happy and content as he is because of it!
9 months later and BAM! Our little Thanksgiving turkey arrived and we were parents! Charles Beau Reeder graced us with his presence 4 days early on November 19th at 4:42pm. Weighing in at 7lbs. 11oz. and 20.5in. We were so sleep deprived for the first two weeks I couldn't tell my ass from my elbow. Looking back now it really wasn't that bad and definitely worth it!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Better 7 months late then never

I must first start off by saying that I can't believe I'm typing this right now. I am by no means a blogger/writer and feel way out of my comfort zone but when your child's face is covered in what you believe to be blueberries that he spit up from breakfast then realize his master blaster poop came creeping out the side of his diaper which he was able to reach and play with, you don't have much time to grab the camera for a quick "photo shoot" to capture the moment. Alas, I bring you my blog. Ha! My version of Charlie's baby scrapbook that (like everything else I do) is about 7 months late. I want to worn you now that throughout this blog you'll probably find a few misspellings, grammatical errors, the occasional rambling tangent, a few curse words, and a poor attempt at being funny. I can however promise you tons of pictures and updates of Charlie, the star of the show!