Thursday, July 11, 2013

Better 7 months late then never

I must first start off by saying that I can't believe I'm typing this right now. I am by no means a blogger/writer and feel way out of my comfort zone but when your child's face is covered in what you believe to be blueberries that he spit up from breakfast then realize his master blaster poop came creeping out the side of his diaper which he was able to reach and play with, you don't have much time to grab the camera for a quick "photo shoot" to capture the moment. Alas, I bring you my blog. Ha! My version of Charlie's baby scrapbook that (like everything else I do) is about 7 months late. I want to worn you now that throughout this blog you'll probably find a few misspellings, grammatical errors, the occasional rambling tangent, a few curse words, and a poor attempt at being funny. I can however promise you tons of pictures and updates of Charlie, the star of the show!