Thursday, July 18, 2013

Months 1 & 2

Jaundice much!?

Are these monthly ties not the cutest?!?
Looking back at these pictures I can't believe how jaundice he looked.  I can't speak much on exactly what jaundice is but I think it has to do with high levels of pigment in the blood and how well your liver can filter it out.  It's measured on some sort of number scale and I think anything over 18 is life threatening.  I literally pulled that from my ass so don't take my word for it.  The doctors at the hospital told us before we left that he was at an 8 and he looked worse then he really was. I didn't noticed it, I thought he looked normal. After our first pediatricians appointment we were sent to get his Bilirubin checked because she thought he looked higher then an 8 and turns out it was really high.  It had crept up to 17.  They sent us home with one of those bili-blankets for the night and told us to come back in the morning. It had only dropped down to 16 but they were hopeful since it was at least dropping.  They sent us back again the next day. And again. And again. And again, with no real improvement.  We were then referred to a specialist which was a joke because they jerked us around for 2 months and by then he started getting better on his own.  What a crock.  Ben and I counted and I think he had his Bilirubin checked over 7 times which is ridicules seeing as how they have to drawn blood each time.  You can see in his 1 week photo below the prick marks on his little heels :(  He was a tough dude through it all though and surprisingly so was mama!  Needless to say, after this incident and a few other uncalled for moves by our pediatricians staff we went elsewhere.

The first two months flew by and we were enjoying every minute of it!

Celebrated his first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Valentines Day
Had enough hair to rock a faux hawk
Was nicknamed "Little Dude"
Partied all night every night
Made funny faces and smiled unintentionally
Loved to snuggle, eat and be sung to

Babies need a lot of crap and trust me we have it all but here are a few things we definitely got some good mileage out of.  Some of which we are still using today.  Some are freebies too!

1. Boppy - I brought this thing to the hospital with me and it really helped while Charlie and I were learning to breastfeed. It's great for tummy time, learning to sit up and as a head rest for mama on road trips.  I, of coarse, didn't like any of the boppy covers found in stores so I bought a white minky one from Little Owls Nest.

2. Mod'Swad-  This little zip up swaddler is a must have for sure!  Not only are they made of a lightweight breathable organic spandex fabric, they are super cute!

3. Boon Grass Drying Racks-  Another product that is not only functional but cute too!  They also make adorable little tree and flower accessories to go with it for hanging nipples and small breast pump parts.

4. Babyganics Products-  I use the hand sanitizer, hand wash and some of the cleaning supplies.  They are organic and have no smell.

5. Carseat Canopy- We used this all winter long and loved it.  Best part, I got it free (just had to pay shipping).  They come in all different patterns and colors.  Use promo code PTS8

6.Seven Sling- Got this bad boy free too!  I'm pretty sure that once you order the Carseat Canopy they send you free promo codes for this sling and other products from  I got a free breastfeeding cover from them but it didn't make the list because I never used it.  Anyways, if you don't get one for the sling use Promo code PT8.   Hope that makes sense.

7. Pinxav-  I have been using Pinxav (Pronounced pink salve) since the day we brought Charlie home and I swear he has never gotten a diaper rash.  Ever.  Which I hear is pretty rare considering most babies with jaundice are prone to them.

8. Breast Pads-  I also got these free from but unfortunately I don't have a promo code to share.

9.  Rock and Play Sleeper- Ben and I both agree that this was a life saver and a half!  As soon as we used it Charlie started sleeping longer at night and I know it played a key roll in him sleeping through the night at an early 3 months.

Off to Milwaukee on Saturday we go!  In the meantime, I'll leave you with a more current picture of the dude.