Saturday, July 27, 2013

Three Months- No hair, don't care

By month 3 we were riding high on cloud 9.  Charlie was jaundice free, sleeping through the night and developing his own little personality that was totally melting hearts.

Celebrated his first St. Patrick's Day
Took his first stroller ride (big boy style)
knocked out his first 7+ hour road trip to Milwaukee
Went swimming in a pool for the first time
Started giving us BIG smiles!
Graduated to "Big Dude"
Started losing all his dark hair :(

While Charlie was busy going bald so was mama.  I could write for days on all the things that no one tells you about during pregnancy but this one totally caught me off guard.  When I first started losing my hair it was late March and I had convinced myself that it happens to me every year around this time.  I literally thought that because summer was on it's way I was "shedding" some of my winter hair.  What the f*ck?! I went on thinking this for a few weeks until I realized something was not right. The thought crossed my mind that I had cancer until I was reminded that chemo makes you lose your hair not the actual cancer. Phew. It wasn't until I asked my best friend (who also does my hair) about it that I learned I was going through postpartum hair lose. Yes, it exists and yes, it is the WORST.  You might as well add it to your list of things that make you feel like shit after having a kid because *gasp* it could happen to you.  Don't say I didn't worn you.

1. Bumbo Seat (and tray)- We started him in this seat pretty early on. He wasn't a huge fan of tummy time at first.  He would only do it a few minutes a day before melting down.  We used it to help strengthen his head and neck muscles by holding his books and toys up high so he had to learn to lift his head up.

2. Are You My Mother- This book was and still is his favorite.  He really loves when daddy does voice overs for the different characters!

3. Aden & Anais blankets-  They say that if your going out with your child in the winter you really shouldn't bundle them up to much, especially if you'll be in the car for a long time.  They can over heat in the car because you have the heat on.  Anyways, these blankets are great for swaddling and wrapping them up tight after they are buckled in their car seat.  They are obviously super cute too!

4. Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper-  As soon as Charlie was able to hold his head up we put him in this thing and he loved it.  I also use to position it so that his feet dangled and I would push it like a swing.  He liked that even more :)

5. Rhino Toys Oball Football-  This was Charlie's first toy that he showed interest in.  I was fortunate to catch it on video.  He moved it from one hand to the other just studying and grunting at it.  It's still one of his favs!