Thursday, August 8, 2013

4 & 5 Months- Feeding Frenzy

He was growing so fast and turning in to such a little man!

Celebrated his first Easter
Started giving us big belly laughs
Was sitting up like a big boy
Loved to babble
Loved to play "Baby Godzirraaa" with daddy
Started eating cereal & fruits/veggies

It's official, the dude likes food!

When it came to feeding the babe I had no idea where to begin. I found this monthly feeding chart while surfing the web one day, created by a random mom on her blog and thought "eh, looks legit" and went with it. #motheroftheyearrighthere
On Charlie's 4 month birthday he tried cereal for the first time. He must have liked it because he never really made any gross faces and after a few attempts he was able to figure out how to swallow it down. We started out with cereal once a day and gradually made our way to three times a day around the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner times. Then the fun began.
I knew from the start I wanted to make my own organic baby food for him but I was nervous. Grabbing some jars of baby food at the grocery store just sounded so much easier. Was I, miss I don't have time for shit, going to be able to keep up with my little Hungry Hungry Hippo?  Probably not but I gave it a whirl anyway. 
Surprisingly enough, Charlie thinks mama is an excellent cook and mama thinks making baby food is super easy!! Double Boom!
His favorite foods thus far...avocado, pears, blueberries and yogurt.
Here are some other favorites!
1. Earths Best Rice Cereal- I went with this because it was organic and it costs a bit less then some of the other brands. 

2. Tooby Doo Jumpsuits-  I am a sucker for stripes.  Love the material these are made from and if you can't tell in the picture the legs have a bell bottom shape to them. Ah, I die. He is starting to grow out of the ones he got for Easter so I will definitely be getting the next size up soon.

3. Little Tike's Swing-  This swing is set up in grandma's backyard.  Charlie loves to swing and watch Sadie (grandma's dog) run and play.

4. Cloth diapers-  These make the perfect burp cloth. We had them in every room. One on each couch, next to the bed, on the changing table, in the kitchen.  Ben was seriously the burp cloth Nazi. If Charlie spit up and Ben went to grab a burp cloth and it wasn't where it was supposed to be. Freak. Out. City.

5. Kitchenaid Hand Mixer- I don't care what anyone says, you do not need a special baby food processor that comes with matching storage for the food and all that other bells and whistles bullshit.  A simple hand mixer and some mason jars will do the trick!

6. Sophie the Giraffe Teether- We love her!  Yes, I said we. Mama, Daddy and Charlie.  We call her by name and she comes with us where ever we go.  Ben just learned last week how much she cost and he wasn't even mad. That says something!