Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8 Months

I keep saying he is getting so big but this month not only was he looking older he was acting it too:( Time really does fly!

Took his second trip to Milwaukee (He is a Road trip Warrior now)
Started pulling himself up from laying down to sitting and sitting to standing
Decided he doesn't want to lay still for diaper and clothes changing
Transitioned to all sorts of big boy equipment (shown in our favorites)
Is obsessed with taking pictures, watching videos or looking in the mirror at himself

As soon as I turn the camera around for him to see himself on my phone this is what I get...

Mind. Blown.  He can't even believe how good looking he is.

Now that the first day of fall is right around the corner my mind is doing back flips through pumpkin patches and into huge piles of leaves!  We have so much to look forward to in the coming months!  For me, having a child brings new life to the holidays.  Growing up, this time of year felt magical but as I got older it slowly lost its luster and eventually became just another year, just another holiday.  Charlie has renewed my holiday spirit and I am more excited then ever to kick off the fall season!  Ben and I are super pumped for Charlie's 1st Halloween costume and I've even gotten him to agree to turn it into a corny family costume. Boom!  We also have a 1st birthday party to start planning.  How crazy is that?!?  In a few short months he will be a year old and I promise I won't be one of those moms who refers to their childs age in months after that.  "Awe, how old is your kid?" "He's 16 months!" Get over yourself, lady! He's a year old! Ugh!  

Here are some of our 8 month favorites...
1. Skip*Hop Shopping Cart Cover-  Now that our new car seats stay in the car we are getting good use out of our cart cover.  This one is not as padded as some of the other ones but it's so easy to use and folds up nicely in a little pouch that takes up zero space in the diaper bag.  It also has loops in the front to attach toys so they don't fall on the ground but we don't even need to bring out toys when he is it in because he loves to just look around and people watch.

2. Poppin' Park Lion-  Pretty sure this guy is for ages 9+ months but Charlie has been playing with him for a long time now and still going strong. The lion counts in 5 different languages and Charlie really loves the bright colored balls.

3. Ella's Kitchen food pouches and Munchkin Click Lock Spoons-  As I mentioned before, I make all of Charlie's food but when we took our trip to Milwaukee I decided it would be much easier to bring the food pouches.  The attachable spoons were perfect for eating on the road.  Also, around 8 months he started eating meat and I literally got sick to my stomach the first time I pureed chicken.  There is something about processing meat that just grosses me out so needless to say we use the pouches for meat now as well.  I like Ella's Kitchen because it's organic and the dude seems to like it too.

4. Safety 1st Complete Air 70 Convertible Car Seat- Charlie officially grew to long for his original car seat and was getting way to heavy for mama to lug around in it so we upgraded to a big boy car seat.  I had narrowed it down to a few different seats but after watching this video, in my mind, there was no other option.  Well played, Safety 1st.  You got me.  He is still rear facing in it but I think this will be the last one he uses.

5.  Sippy Cups- Another big boy moment!  This was one of those things where I just so happened to notice the 6+ months age on the packaging while perusing the aisles of Babies R Us and thought "Shit, should he be using these things already?"  Ha! He is still working on learning to tilt his head back to get the water to come out but I'm sure he will catch on in no time.

P.S. We still love Sophie
We can't keep him down, he is literally always on the go!
He keeps his pointer finger locked and loaded at all times just waiting to point at something!
We are STILL teething, his bottom two teeth are close to popping through but we aren't there yet:(  His tongue works 24/7 on massaging his gums which makes for the funniest faces!