Thursday, August 1, 2013


I have had so many people ask where I got my picture collage over Charlie's changing table. It's perfect for a neutral nursery. This was actually a DIY project I completed while I was pregnant, so I thought I would share.
Gee, look at that tiny Bebe!

I used this free printable template to cut out the animals.
Now that I think about it, you could go bonkers with this and search for different silhouettes or shapes online to match your decor and print those!

I bought large card stock at Hobby Lobby in different patterns and colors. They have so much to choose from but I fell in love with all the glitter patterns. After you cut out your animal, trace it to the card stock. Cut that animal out and glue it to a contrasting card stock. Then frame it. (I purchased all my frames from Target)

Add your own touch like I did with our maternity photo and Voila! Cutest. Collage. Ever.

Here is a close up of the finished project. Note: The middle one was left blank until after I had my baby so I could put his initial in it. All I did for the letter C was choose my favorite font in word, print the biggest C I could and then followed the same steps above.