Monday, August 19, 2013

Six & Seven month Summer Fun

During months 6 and 7 the weather was warming up and it was time to get outside and enjoy it with my babe!

While I was pregnant there were two things that I was really looking forward to after our baby arrived. First was sharing my love of watching my sister play basketball and cheer.  I can't wait to take him to his first Nordonia football game this fall to watch his aunt Meghan cheer and although he has been to a few of her basketball games early on, most of them he slept through because he was so little.  The next time he is watching her play b-ball he will be over a year old and I'm excited to see how he responds to watching Meghan run back and forth across the court!!  The second thing I was looking forward to was sharing my love of boating which I got to do this summer!  The dude is a natural.  He doesn't fuss over wearing his life jacket and the boat rides put him right to sleep.  My brother, sister and I have such great memories growing up spending our summers at the lake and islands and I'm thankful that Charlie will too!!

Celebrated his first Father's Day and 4th of July
Took his first boat ride
Started pointing.  At EVERYTHING.
Partied at Put in Bay for the first time:) and went to Frosty's(our fav)
Said Dada!
Started "Army" crawling
New Alias': The Dude, Bro and Bron Bron

Here are a few of our summer must haves:)  
1. Stohlquist Infant Life Jacket- I first must say that if you don't spend a lot of time on the water this life vest is probably not the best choice only because its pretty expensive and the price per use just doesn't add up.  I really love this one though because its got the three main things that you want to look for when purchasing a life jacket.  Make sure the life jacket has a V neck, once it's zipped up and your babe takes a seat it will ride up (no matter what), they all do.  The V neck helps your baby stay comfortable especially if they have monster cheeks like Charlie!  You might also want to look for one with an open back to help the babe stay as cool as possible.  Lastly, the handle on the back head rest is clutch for obvious reasons. Bottom line, life jackets suck are a necessity and this one sucks the least is the best in my (non-expert) opinion!

2. Sassy Mesh Teething Feeders-  These are great for the summer time!  You could totally take your baby outside, strip um down, hand them one of these with some watermelon in it and let them go to town! 

3. Swimways Baby Float-  This float is awesome, the canopy top moves forward and back and also comes off.  They are so much better then the old school plastic blow up boats for sure!

4. Aprica Haven OpenAir Play Yard-  I love this one because it's black.  I seriously have a phobia against themed kids gear and Charlie is going to be the one to suffer.  How can I have a bright jungle themed or Winnie the Pooh themed play yard in the middle of my living room if it doesn't match my decor!?!? Ahh my poor child.  Anyway, this one is very easy set up and it's designed so that the corners are mesh which I love for safety reasons.  These are not only great for traveling but also great to set up outside so your baby is contained but can also feel the breeze during your summer cookouts and what not.  

5. Sleeveless Onsies-  These are my favorite ones from a few different stores.  My mom calls them Charlie's muscle shirts and then she moves his forearms up and down like he is lifting weights and says "Curls for the girls!" haha gets me laughing out loud every time!

6. Walker-  This one is Charlie's favorite!  We should really call it a runner instead of a walker.  He literally flys through the kitchen, living room and entry way in a big circle.  When the dude's on the loose, watch your toes!!