Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nine Months

Whelp, he literally sat still for this one picture.  I love his little smirk even though he looks so ornery in it!
The rest turned out like this...

He picked up a ton of firsts this month! 
Started standing on his own, rolling and throwing balls back, waving Bye Bye, clapping and shaking hands - This one is my favorite!  His grandad has been shaking his hand every time time he sees him since he was born saying "Hello, Mr. Reeder.  How are you?  How's the wife and kids?" Charlie totally grasped the concept and now reaches out to shake your hand back. So cute!
Acquired two bottom teeth (at the same time)
Attended his first Indians Game
Watched Aunt Meghan cheer at his first Knights football game

Here are some of our favorites this month..
1. Baby Mum Mums and Super Puffs- I had no idea he could have been eating these a while ago even though he didn't have teeth.  While we were at his 9 mo. wellness visit, which by the way he weighed in at 21 pounds and 30 inches, our pediatrician asked if he was eating puffs.  I didn't think he could since he didn't have teeth.  Boy was I wrong,  he could gum the hell out of those things!  And he loves them!
 2. Baby Care Play Mat- This mat is huge, it takes up a good portion of Charlie's bedroom.  It's reversible with an animal landscape on one side and an ABC/123 scheme on the other side.  It's really squishy and he loves to play on it!
 3. Safety 1st Childproof kit-  Like I mentioned, we did some baby proofing a few weeks ago.  We used a bazillion of the outlet plugs.  He can scale the doors and stand up to them but he isn't able to reach the knobs yet. He sure does try though! Ha

4. Boon Frog Pod and other frog bath accessories-  No more sink baths for this dude.  Our new tub is decked out in all things frog!  He is definitely our little water baby.  He loves to splash and doesn't care one bit if water gets in his eyes:)  On a side note, I wanted to share a fun bath time activity I want to try.  Glow sticks!  Use some glow sticks to light up the bath water and turn the lights off  (obviously make sure a hallway light can shine through).  Doesn't that sound like fun!? Can't wait to try it!

Happy first weekend of fall!!