Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On the Move!

The dude is on the move!  Not only is he speeding around on all fours crawling, he is furniture cruising and using it as a jungle gym. Oh my goodness, so stressful!  We follow him around all day saying "Sit on your buuuutt!", "You're gonna hit your heaaad!", "Ah Ah Ah!"

He mean mugged me the other day when I told him to hold on with both hands.

We also had to switch out our coffee table for a soft leather ottoman because someone decided to see if he could walk to the coffee table from the couch without holding on and caught the corner of it square in between the eyes.  Gave me a heart attack.  For real.  I must have missed the "calm mom mode" gene that is supposed to kick in when scary stuff like this happens because I was freaking out.  Then when Ben came home I had another melt down trying to tell him about it. Luckily, I had made a mountain out of a mole hill because although I know Charlie was hurt, he barely had a red mark that lasted just a few hours. I'm gonna need to work on that. 
Ben also has him standing on his own for a few seconds at a time.  He is going to be walking before we know it so we were busy baby proofing over the weekend.  I should probably look in to getting some Xanax to calm myself during this next stage.  Haha!

In other "On The Move" news, our condo is officially sold as of this past Friday (Boom!)and it's apartment living for the Reeder's until we find some land and our new house is built.  I hear building a house is a crazy time and I look forward to documenting it all right here on the show;) Stay tuned:)  Here's to the next chapter of our lives!