Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Dude's New Room

My poor baby has never had a proper nursery. Funny thing, it's been no big deal. Our room was large enough for him to have his own space and he would have been in our room the first couple of months anyways. Our condo was on the market for a long time before it sold and looking back it was a blessing in disguise. After you have a baby the last thing you want to do is housework.  For me that was the last thing I wanted to do even before I had Charlie.  Having the place on the market forced me to stay on top of my cleaning.  You honestly would never have known a baby even lived at our house (if you didn't see his crib and changing table in our room)!  In August we decided that since it had been on the market for so long maybe it was time to take it off and rent it. We were going to call our realtor when we got back from our trip to Milwaukee and  let her know our plans. I have never taken random picture of my house but the morning we were leaving for our trip the sun was shinning in so brightly, I had never seen it like that and couldn't resist.

A few hours after I snapped these pics (while we were on the road) we got a call from our realtor that we had not one but two offers on the condo and she was going to try and get them in a bidding war!  Ironic? Yes! And the rest is history:)
Now that Charlie has his own room I can't stop thinking about decorating it!! I put this idea board together to capture my vision.
I have a serious obsession with gold accents for both a nursery and other living spaces.  That was part of the reason why I wanted to be surprised with the sex of our baby because I knew (way before I even got pregnant) that I wanted this color scheme for a boy or girl.  I'm pretty sure it stems from my bright color phobia. Ha!

My minds already dancing through my new unbuilt house splashing neutral colors on the walls and arranging earth toned furniture!!  I'll be sure to share my vision boards for that as well! 

Anyways, look at this happy baby :)