Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Favorites

A list of Charlie (and Mommy's) favorites this fall!!

Stride Rite Shoes- Now that the weather is getting cooler and cooler we had to get him his first pair of shoes. Yes, that's correct, his FIRST pair! Almost a year old and the kid's never worn shoes before. HA! He wore socks all last winter and then went barefoot all summer.  We had to go to Stride Rite because he has thick feet and I was having trouble finding shoes that fit at regular stores.  It was so cute, the lady at Stride Rite (Who by the way sold my mom my first pair of shoes 29 years ago. True story.) measured his little foot on the metal measurer and then brought out our options.  He was so good while we tried on like seven or eight different pair and took a lap around the store to check out the fit.  The Dude wears a 5 1/2 extra EXTRA wide :) 

Candy corn and peanuts mix- Obviously mamma's favorite. I set this out as "decoration" and it mysteriously disappears throughout the week! I used to make it up myself but then I noticed at Target Brach's brand sells it!  Score!

Gap Halloween Swag-  I am obsessing over this outfit!  If you follow me on instagram, I was not joking when I said he is going to wear this outfit ever day until Halloween!  Cuteness overload!

Baby Gap Jeans-  I usually don't like to put Charlie in jeans.  They aren't soft and very restricting.  BUT  I found these bad boys at Gap.  They have grey cotton lining inside and are very comfy,  I just love them!  I wish I could stock the Dude's closet with Baby Gap clothes galore but Ben is less then impressed with their prices.  Boo!

Last but certainly not least- Walking!!- I wouldn't call Charlie a walker just yet but he is so close! Last Tuesday he was standing on his own playing with a toy, I called him to come to me and with out thinking he just took two steps right in to me!! I don't think he realized what he had even done and I honestly didn't think it was going to happen again for awhile. I was so happy though. The next day we went to visit my mom and grandma. I stood him up in front of my mom and she reached out her arms for him to come to her and sure enough he took five steps!! I think he could have gone further but my mom had her back against the couch and he had no more room to walk. We started clapping and cheering for him and he turned around and looked at me with the proudest smile and I burst into tears. I was so happy to have witnessed that moment and when he turned to make sure I saw him it just melted my heart. I love him so much.