Thursday, October 24, 2013

Month Ten

10 months have flown by! The dude just turned eleven months a few days ago but here is a recap of month 10!
I am amazed at how he seems to learn and do something new everyday. He is very inquisitive and challenges us to stimulate him in so many ways. The other day while I was brushing my teeth he sat at my feet and watched me brush. He then started moving his mouth to make the "AH" and "OH" shapes that I was making. I stuck my tongue out to brush it and he stuck his out. It was cute and it prompted me to get his toothbrush out to brush his two little teeth. We then sat on the bathroom floor and I showed him how to brush his hair with his little baby brush. He was very serious about it.  He touched his head with the brush and then touched my hair with the brush back and fourth as I repeated "Brush Charlie's hair, now brush mamma's hair.".  He is a wise one.

Took his first steps
Tries to say Dog "og", Book "ook", Ball "Ba" and All Gone "Ah Gon"
Is acquiring two more teeth on the top
Loves to mimic us.
Loves to play interactive games like Peek- A- Boo, "I'm gonna get you!"- Where we chase him and then he turns and chases us, all the while laughing hysterically!  If you follow me on instagram you've seen his latest Scaring mamma game. lol

1. Bananas-  Every morning Charlie snuggles up on the couch with Ben or I and eats a banana like a big boy.  It is the cutest thing!  He knows right where we keep them and if we don't get the banana in a timely fashion he stands next to the counter where they are and makes a fuss about it!

2.Stride Rite shoes-  Like I mentioned before these were a great option for Charlie's extra wide feet.  He is really getting the hang of walking in them.
3. Halloween Jammies-  These Frankenstein jams from Gymboree are so cute!  I said it once and I'll say it again I LOVE STRIPES. Haha!  I am really loving pajama separates right now but we will soon be switching to our snugly one piece zip ups.
4. Stones Swag-  Shout out to H&M for showing our young Rolling Stones fans some love!!  We like to do "Mamma and Mini" days in our matching Stones gear.
5. Little Tikes Wagon-  Charlie loves wagon rides!  We pull him around at Ben's parents house and collect leafs and flowers, he really enjoys being outside and all things nature just like Ben.  I also can't wait to pull him around in it while Trick-or -Treating at my moms house next week!!  

I can't believe he is almost a year old!!  It's so weird to think that last year around this time I was celebrating my baby shower.  We were decked out in pink and blue and so excited for our precious baby boy or girl to arrive!  I remember when I was pregnant I would always sing a song that my mom and grandma used to sing to me when I was a baby and in the song you would say your baby's name.  I would always sing it twice once with our baby girl name and once with our baby boy name:) 

This year to celebrate our little boy we'll decorate in blue ombre' galore!  Almost party time!