Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dear Charlie

Dear Charlie,

On your first birthday I want to try and put into words this wonderfully overwhelming feeling I have for you.  Before I ever met your dad, when you were just a twinkle in my eye, I wanted you.  When I was pregnant, before I knew if you were a boy or a girl, before you took your first breath, I loved you. I love you for just being.  One day when you read this I hope you know that my love is ever growing.  The things you do in life like getting good grades, achieving goals, making good or bad decisions or excelling in sports will not make me love you more or less.  Those things will simply make me happy and proud but my love for you is constant and will not fluctuate, it just is.  You are my son and for that reason alone, I will always love you.  You have not stolen my heart-  you are my heart.  Thank you for being you and making my world happy.

Happy 1st Birthday, my little dude.