Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eleven Month Favorites

We've been so busy lately I almost forgot to post our eleven month favorites.

What a fun month we had!

Started walking
 Celebrated his first Halloween
Spent a week with his grandparents while Ben and I took a cruise
Started really understanding what we are saying i.e. "Take the ball to Daddy." "Point to the piggy." "Go get a book." and he does it!
Visited the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Rolling Stones Exhibit :)

And here are some of our favorites...

1. Snack Happens snack bags-  These bags have water resistant lining to keep snacks cool. They are reusable and great for any snack, wet or dry.

2. Land of Nod Tee pee-  I got him this for his first birthday and he wasn't supposed to have it until then but when it arrived I couldn't resist setting it up.  The thing was so cute we used it in our family pictures.  The dude loves it!

3. Gripped socks-  Little walker's gotta have the gripped socks!!

4.  Baby gate-  For now, instead of baby proofing the kitchen we just keep him out of there all together.  Besides putting plugs in the electrical outlets and getting a new leather coffee table this is really the only other baby proofing we did.  He is a good listener and knows what he is or isn't aloud to get into.

5. Balls-  The kid loves playing with balls.  Throwing, catching, rolling, kicking.  He is always walking around with a ball in his hand and any of his toys that incorporate balls are his favorite!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and is enjoying this wonderful time of year!