Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Month Twelve

Well, all signs are officially pointing to toddler town.  I'm not sure what the magic month is that baby's are considered toddlers but I have a feeling 12 months (or shortly after) is it.  It's all hogwash to me though, Charlie will always be my baby.

Weighed 24 lbs. and was 31 in. at his 12 mo. wellness visit
Caught his first cold
Gives the best hugs and kisses! Such a lover:)
Can identify a number of different animals, body parts, shapes and colors
Ate his first Thanksgiving meal
Took a road trip to Kraynak's Winterland with cousins
Met Santa

I wanted to start a little survey for him to fill out each year on his birthday.  I'll have to take the liberty of filling the first couple years out until he can do them on his own.  I guess it's just me desperately trying to hold tight of all the little things as time flies by but I have all these ideas of keep sakes that I want to do for him.  I'm going to try and narrow it down to one (maybe two) and share in a later post.  Anyways, here's Charlie's 1st Birthday Interview.
And of coarse our favorites...
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