Thursday, January 16, 2014

13 Months

For the "shows" sake I will continue to refer to Charlie's age in months but in real life I will NOT.  I don't know why it bothers me so much to keep counting months after a year, it just does!
No more monthly ties, yay boo!

I hope you all enjoyed my collection of monthly favorites from 1-12 months.  If you ever want to refer back to them you can find them here or access them easily at the top of the blog under the page "First year monthly favorites" :)

Month 13 was crazy to say the least with all of our fun holiday festivities!

Is so independent now.
Eats with utensils.
Plays on his own for longer periods of time.
Puckers up for kisses instead of coming at you wide mouthed!
Does so much on command, my favorite is "Show me your smile!" and we get a great big smile showing his pearly whites and all!
Is learning something new by the minute!

We are having so much fun with him right now, this stage/age really is the best.  A silly little personality is coming out and I love it!  Along with his silly personality is a big boy attitude and Ben and I are working hard to keep the dude in check.  Charlie is a very good boy and a good listener, he doesn't get into too much trouble and when we tell him no he is good at abiding.  "The dude abides"  lol I'm sorry I had too...  Anyways, it's when he doesn't get something he wants that's when there's a problem and he won't give it up!  He just recently tried biting me!  He is totally in test mode right now, good thing mom and dad hard to break!

Dads Proudest Moment:  A couple weeks ago we were eating dinner, Charlie finished everything on his plate (salmon and veggies).  Ben says "Wow, you ate it all!  Might as well lick the plate clean!"  Charlie picked up the plate, held it flat to his face and started licking away.  We were dying laughing!  Neither of us have ever licked our plates so it was so surprising to see him do it.  He is way smarter than we give him credit sometimes!