Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Keepsake

Ever since Charlie turned one I've been thinking about something that I can do for him every year.  I thought about putting money that corresponds with his age in a birthday card with a note in each one, so that on his 21st birthday he would have 21 cards from me with $231 in them.  I also thought about keeping a secret stash of inappropriate pictures like this one to present to him on his 21st birthday. Ha!

And while I still might do them, I'm really leaning towards starting an "art" collection for him- with a note on the back of why I chose that specific piece.  I realize 21 might be a bit excessive (as far as art work goes) so I thought  if I do come across a more expensive print maybe that will count for two or three years.  Just something sweet that he can keep, whether it's on the wall at his first home that he and his wife purchase or in a box in the basement...
So far I have it narrowed down to 2 prints and the harlequin dog photo is the front runner.  I think it would be a fun way to share with him how when he was born every time he breast fed a very distinct line would run down the middle of his body starting at the top of his head all the way down.  Exactly half of his body including his face would turn beet red and the other half would stay white.  It was the most bazaar thing we'd ever seen.  And as soon as he was finished eating...poof, it was gone! A specialist informed us it was something called harlequin, more commonly known when referring to multi-coloring in dogs and assured us that there was no harm to it and he would eventually grow out of it.  Which, after a few weeks, he did:) 
The world map would be for much more obvious reasons of our hope that he take adventures and us wanting to give him the world:)