Friday, January 3, 2014

Staying Present in 2014

I'm sharing my new years resolution because it's said that the more people you share it with the more likely the chances are you stick with it!  As I pulled out and started filling in my 2014 calendar I thought about how fast last year flew by.

I actually have a New Years Resolution Laundry List but the most important one I want to share is to be present in each day.  To spend more time "unplugged".  To not worry about what's to come or dwell on the past.  To soak up every second I have with Charlie and Ben and cherish it.  To take more pictures and give more hugs and kisses.  Treat each day as a gift so that when 2015 starts knocking at the door I won't say "Where did the year go?!?".  That's it- just be present.

Charlie's new year resolution is to learn to say Momma!
Happy 2014!