Monday, February 24, 2014

Month Fourteen

Might as well say the kid's fourteen years old at the rate he's growing up!!  I've never met a sweater child than this child of mine.  He is such a lover and I can't even take it, I just can't.

Runs now, and fast too! He's getting harder and harder to catch.
Is Mommy and Daddy's little helper around the house and also learning to pick up after himself.
Loves shootin' hoops.
Loves bath time.  He would stay in the tub for an hour if we'd let him.
Knows all body parts from head to toe except knees, elbows and ankles.  Still working on those ones.
Makes the silliest faces!

Here is our thirteen and fourteen month favorites.
1.  Utensil's-  He is really good with his utensils.  Has been using them for awhile and doesn't need our help.  It's funny, he actually wont eat his food unless he has a fork or spoon.
2. Toothbrush-  He loves brushing his teeth BUT he's the only one that's aloud to do it and unfortunately his idea of brushing his teeth is biting and sucking on the brush then running around and banging it on the walls.
3.  H&M matching hat and scarf- So cute when he wears them together!
4.  "A Little Old Man" Book-  I know I talk about this book a lot but it really is his favorite (and mine too!).  A friend of mine got it for him at our shower.  Her son loved it when he was little but it's an old book and hard to find- it was used when we got it so I'm trying to keep it in good condition so we can enjoy for many more years.  It's really a great story.  
5.  Little Tike's Bath time Turtle Drum Set-  So cute!  FYI new mom's:  No one ever told me not to waste my money on squirt toys for the tub!  No matter how well you think you got the water out within a few weeks they get moldy!  I know some people clean them out with bleach water and reuse them but I just don't have the time!  I digress, the turtle drums are fun!  Charlie is obsessed with baths right now.  He'll just walk into the bathroom and try to climb into the tub whining and pointing at his turtles!