Wednesday, March 26, 2014

15 Months

This "little" guy was a whopping 27 lbs. and 32 in. tall at his fifteen month wellness visit. Healthy, happy and smart as can be too.

Can climb up on furniture and open doors now (which means no privacy in the bathroom for Momma). 
Still loves books and baths.  We went from a bath every other day to every night he loves them so much.
Had our first emergency room scare.
Has learned a ton of new words in what felt like overnight!
Surprises us daily with his silly personality.  He recently started mean mugging.  (If you follow me on instagram @shavanas1 you've seen the mean mug video) haha!

Charlie has turned into our little parrot!  Ben and I spend all day asking him to say things and it's so cute hearing him try.  He is sitting on a pretty wide range of words right now.  Most popular are yes/no, milk, hat, hot, kitty, dog, ball, bye, bath, up and out.  He is also learning animal noises.  My favorite is the bird.  His little tweet tweets are so adorable.  It's so crazy how well we can communicate with him.  Sure, he's not talking in sentences or even phrases but the fact that he knows exactly what we are saying and knows what word or motion to respond with is just fascinating to me. 

I've said it before but I'll say it again, I can't wait for spring weather!!  I want to get outside and play with the Dude so bad!  Last year when he started walking the weather wasn't bad but we still carried him around when we were out.  Now when we let him walk outside he's like a scared puppy.  He's fine on cement but as soon as you hit grass or gravel or anything other than, he stops dead in his tracks and wont take another step.  It's too funny!