Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Month Sixteen

I should preface my next sentence by saying most parents think that they have the cutest and smartest kid around. Ben and I think we have the cutest and smartest kid around.  If he's not being silly and trying to play a trick on you by acting like he's going to hand you something then quickly pulling it away before you can grab it or running and hiding behind a door as still and quiet as can be when you call for him;  then he's being a little angel giving big bear hugs and kisses, snuggling, and using his manners.  This stage is by far the best and our whole family is totally and completely in love with him.

Loves running around in just a diaper
Has a new look he gives where he raises his eyebrows and gives a shit eating grin that gets me laughing every time.
Is obsessed with Winnie the Pooh (thanks to my mom).
Is learning more and more words by the day but still loves to just jibber jabber away!
Brushes his teeth for real now!


15 and 16 month favorites!

1. Brown Bear Book- Reading books is still his number one favorite thing to do! 
2. Crayons- At our 15 month wellness check up his doc told us to get him some crayons and let him go to town which we did.  The hard part is getting him to only go to town on the paper!
3.  Two piece jams-  I love these ones from Old Navy but I am on the hunt for some organic cotton ones for this summer.  P.S. A lot of Old Navy's jams (and Gap's) are on sale right now!
4.  Pooh and Friends- The Dude is obsessed. He started watching Pooh at my mom's house and now all of a sudden it's "Pooh!" "Pooh!" "OOOh Pooh!".  He loves his little figurines. They're meant to be bath toys but Charlie keeps his out so he can play with them all day.  We line them up and hulk smash them down.  He can say all their names except Piglet "Pee" and Tigger "Tee" but he can say Eeyore like a boss (I even caught it on camera in case Ben didn't believe me)!
5.  Straw Sippy's-  We are strictly straw sippers over here!  We got rid of all his regular sippy cups and transitioned to straws with great success. Every once in a while he'll forget and tip it up like a sippy cup and then get frustrated that nothings coming out so we have to remind him to bring it back down but other than that, he loves it!  How could he not with these cute little animal cups from target!