Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend paying tribute to the men and women who fight for our rights.  We celebrated Ben's dads birthday and then headed to the islands!

 We took our first boat ride of the season!

 Spent the day at Put' in' Bay!

And most importantly spent time with family.  If you couldn't already tell, this is truly my happy place and I think Charlie is digging it too:)


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Big Thanks- Six Months Late

Soooo- yesterday while packing up for our Memorial Day weekend I came across Charlie's birthday party thank you notes. Ugh, all sealed up and ready to go, shoved under shit in my closet.  Awesome.  Funny how I have a vivid memory of dropping them off at the post office. Does pregnancy brain last past pregnancy, through the first year and beyond?!?  Or am I the only lucky winner?  Anyways, I decided not to send them because I didn't write any personal notes in them AND it would have been super tacky!  I do however want to say thank you, sorry and at least share the digital copy... 

Happy Memorial Day weekend (for real this time)!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

17 Months

We had so much fun this past month...

Went to the Circus for the first time
Loves to count everything  "One, Two, One, Two, One...".  We are working on Three!
Knows a lot of colors now, especially red "wed" and blue "pooh" lol
Is saying phrases now, which is the cutest thing ever.
Threw up for the first time- in the middle of the night :(
Needs his 1st hair cut...Big Time!  Ben calls him shaggy.

He is just totally cracking us up lately with his little personality.  And his voice, oh my god, his voice is so cute!  The other day I was in the kitchen and he was giving me the business about how I wasn't paying much attention to him so I turned around and asked him to "Be patient, please?" He looked at me with wide eyes and says "OOooh! Okay." like why didn't you say that in the first place, Ma?!  I laughed so hard.  It's much more funny and fascinating when he says things unprovoked.  At this point he will say or try to say anything you ask him to but when he just comes out says something like that, it's the coolest thing.  I also think he's catching on to the fact that when he says please it's almost impossible for us to say no because he is saying it all the time now. Lol

 We went to the circus a few weeks ago.  I thought Charlie was a little too young to go but we had free tickets from one of Ben's clients and I figured what the hell, if he wasn't feeling it we would just leave.  I was happy with how well he did.  He really loved it!  He watched the whole first half (about an hour) with out making a peep.  We let him run around during intermission and got him a snack.  He did well during the second half but we did leave a little early because it just got too hard for him to sit still.  He enjoyed himself though- so did we!  I really look forward to doing more fun stuff like this with him and we are lucky that he's so well behaved for it!

Yay for this weekend, the unofficial start of summer!!
Happy Memorial Day! XO

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all my momma friends and family had a wonderful Mother's Day filled with lots of hugs and kisses!  I had slaved away making some apple cinnamon muffins for our mom's and then (in typical Stephanie style) left the house without them. Boo.

I got to sleep in until a little after 8am (which was the greatest gift of all) and then we spent our day outside enjoying the weather at both our mom's houses.  It was a great day!!

I love being a momma.  I have found so much pride, courage and confidence in this role and I feel beyond thankful that Charlie is the one who calls me mom. 
He truely lights up my world.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Favs

Summer is around the corner and I am more excited than ever to have Charlie spend his weekends on Papa and Gram's boat!  Until then, here is a list of our spring favorites!

Jean Jacket- Babies in jean jackets are by far the cutest thing. Ever. Perfect for spring, Charlie even wears it over his hoodies and pullovers on colder days.  Very hipster:) 
Indians gear-  Old Navy always has the best professional sports team apparel for kids.  Charlie's tee is a little different than the one pictured, his is a raglan baseball tee style.  I really want to take him to a game again this season!
Gap tennies-  I have a hell of a time finding shoes for Mr. Wide Foot over here.  He has a couple different pairs of these shoes that fit well.  Also, these Nikes are naturally wide and perfect for little thick feet.
Smoothies- Charlie and I drink homemade smoothies like it's our business.  "Mmmm, COLD!" he says:)
Organic Coconut oil-  Charlie had some dry patches on his legs, the doctor said it wasn't eczema and to try coconut oil.  It has worked really well and leaves his skin silky smooth.  At first I couldn't stand the smell but am getting used to it.  I even started using it for a dry spot on my ankle.
Iced coffee-  Momma's addicted.

46 days until the first day of summer!