Tuesday, May 20, 2014

17 Months

We had so much fun this past month...

Went to the Circus for the first time
Loves to count everything  "One, Two, One, Two, One...".  We are working on Three!
Knows a lot of colors now, especially red "wed" and blue "pooh" lol
Is saying phrases now, which is the cutest thing ever.
Threw up for the first time- in the middle of the night :(
Needs his 1st hair cut...Big Time!  Ben calls him shaggy.

He is just totally cracking us up lately with his little personality.  And his voice, oh my god, his voice is so cute!  The other day I was in the kitchen and he was giving me the business about how I wasn't paying much attention to him so I turned around and asked him to "Be patient, please?" He looked at me with wide eyes and says "OOooh! Okay." like why didn't you say that in the first place, Ma?!  I laughed so hard.  It's much more funny and fascinating when he says things unprovoked.  At this point he will say or try to say anything you ask him to but when he just comes out says something like that, it's the coolest thing.  I also think he's catching on to the fact that when he says please it's almost impossible for us to say no because he is saying it all the time now. Lol

 We went to the circus a few weeks ago.  I thought Charlie was a little too young to go but we had free tickets from one of Ben's clients and I figured what the hell, if he wasn't feeling it we would just leave.  I was happy with how well he did.  He really loved it!  He watched the whole first half (about an hour) with out making a peep.  We let him run around during intermission and got him a snack.  He did well during the second half but we did leave a little early because it just got too hard for him to sit still.  He enjoyed himself though- so did we!  I really look forward to doing more fun stuff like this with him and we are lucky that he's so well behaved for it!

Yay for this weekend, the unofficial start of summer!!
Happy Memorial Day! XO