Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Favs

Summer is around the corner and I am more excited than ever to have Charlie spend his weekends on Papa and Gram's boat!  Until then, here is a list of our spring favorites!

Jean Jacket- Babies in jean jackets are by far the cutest thing. Ever. Perfect for spring, Charlie even wears it over his hoodies and pullovers on colder days.  Very hipster:) 
Indians gear-  Old Navy always has the best professional sports team apparel for kids.  Charlie's tee is a little different than the one pictured, his is a raglan baseball tee style.  I really want to take him to a game again this season!
Gap tennies-  I have a hell of a time finding shoes for Mr. Wide Foot over here.  He has a couple different pairs of these shoes that fit well.  Also, these Nikes are naturally wide and perfect for little thick feet.
Smoothies- Charlie and I drink homemade smoothies like it's our business.  "Mmmm, COLD!" he says:)
Organic Coconut oil-  Charlie had some dry patches on his legs, the doctor said it wasn't eczema and to try coconut oil.  It has worked really well and leaves his skin silky smooth.  At first I couldn't stand the smell but am getting used to it.  I even started using it for a dry spot on my ankle.
Iced coffee-  Momma's addicted.

46 days until the first day of summer!