Tuesday, June 24, 2014

18 Months

...and then the Dude was a year and a half  *sigh*

Loves to be outside
Is becoming more outgoing in public
Has 12 teeth
Went to his first wedding
Is rocking the "shaggy hair, don't care" look
Was a solid 31 lbs. and 33.5 in. at his 18 mo. wellness visit
Is the happiest little guy

Here are our 17 and 18 month favorites...

1. Safety 1st Car Seat-  He is a forward facing dude now!!!  I know I've already shared my love for this car seat in an older post but now that it's turned around I love it 1,000,000 plus 1 times more! It is more reclined in its forward state and the Dude's head never falls forward when he's asleep!  When we turned him around both Ben and I said (almost simultaneously) "This is so cool!"  It's like a whole new world for him being able to see out all the windows and for us it's soo less stressful.  I don't have to worry if he's breathing or if the suns in his face or a bee's somehow stuck in his car seat with him or any of the other million anxieties that come with not being able to see him!  The whole experience is just fabulous!

2. Monkey security blanket-  He loves his little monkey.  He actually sleeps with this, a stuffed dog and a stuffed fox.  They have always just been in his crib and he never really payed them much attention but this past month or so when it's time for bed he is asking for them.  He has to have the monkey blanket under his head and his dog and fox lined up next to him.  So cute!

3.  Munchkin potty chair-  He is not potty trained yet but we got him this potty chair shortly after his 1st birthday to let him get acquainted with.  He knows what it's there for and he has used it a few times since we got it.  I am not going to force anything on him but am giving more and more little nudges.  For the most part he just sits on it with his clothes on and says "Pssssssssss".  That's definitely a start in my book:)   

4.  Burt's Bee's Baby "underbees"-  I've found my organic jams!  This "underbees" collection was just what I was looking for.  Soft, organic, light weight cotton.  Perfect for summertime sleeping!  And I am in love with the simple neutral colors!  Pretty much obbsessed.