Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Road Trip!

You haven't really lived life until you've taken an eight hour road trip with a rowdy toddler and a husband who thinks it's ok to let said toddler out of his car seat mid trip.  I drove so Ben was on baby duty, if the dude sneezed the wrong way Ben was all "I think he needs to get out of the car seat for awhile."  Wait, what? lol I won't say whether or not we let him out a few times but I will say that if we did let him out he would probably put up a fight when it came time to get back in.  P.S. The dude's strong.  

We spent a few days in Milwaukee earlier this week.  Ben was doing business and Charlie and I were playing city slickers.  We spent our mornings at the pool and then after a long nap we were out on the town.  Charlie's favorite was our walk through Juneau Park.  It's right on the lake and since it was a really windy day there was a ton of people out with kites which he was totally in awe of.

A creepy encounter with a homeless man and one minor meltdown included, I really loved spending quality time, just us two, exploring the city.