Thursday, July 3, 2014


I had a major break through last week in regards to getting the Dude to eat his vegetables and I thought I'd share my golden nugget of information for any other Mamma's that might want to try it......Dip!!
His love/hate relationship with veggies is very much just that.  One day he loves them and the next day he acts like I dumped a turd on his plate.  That is until I discovered his love for dipping his food into, well, anything.  For the past two weeks as long as I put a dollop of "dip" on his plate he'll eat it up with a smile! What is "dip" you ask?  So far we have tried hummus, guacamole, light ranch, apple sauce, mashed cauliflower and yogurt.  All have been a huge success and I definitely recommend giving it a whirl with your little picky eaters:)

I am also always on the hunt for fun healthy snacks and I came across these frozen watermelon pops on pinterest.  I striped Charlie down and let him go to town.  Another success!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  We are off to the boat today and ready to soak up the sun!