Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Faves

Hope everyone is having a great summer!  Charlie has been a busy bee swimming, boating, beachin', playing with all his animals at his grandparents houses. He is totally feeling it, he loves being outside enjoying the weather.  If he's not asking for milk or Pooh he's standing at the front door begging "Outside?! Outside?! Outside?!"  Needless say he spends a lot of time...outside.

Here are a few of our summer time faves!

Sorry, not sorry the dude and I like to match whenever we can!  They don't sell either of the hats that Charlie and I have but I did add the link to a similar one for boys.  Same for the swim trunks, the toddler sizes are no longer available so the link is for older boys.
Also, Moroccan oil is like heaven for your hair.  I use it all year round but in the summer is when I notice the biggest difference in my hair.  It really helps with the humidity. Seriously, do you're hair a favor:)

Happy summer time, friends!