Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mr. Mom

Ben is a Saint. Period.  I came home from my three day bender to a squeaky clean house, all the grocery shopping done, the Dude bathed and ready for his nap.  Charlie literally clung to Ben when I walked in a wouldn't even give me a hug :(  If the tables were turned, I'd bet my bottom dollar that Ben would have walked into a shit show.  A shit show of a wife, a shit show of a child, a shit show of a house.  Just the shittiest shit show ever.  I can just picture it in my head and it's not pretty.
While I was gone he kept me posted with what they were doing and sent me cute pictures and videos.  While I was missing them really bad they seamed to be having a great time.  This video was just too cute not to share.     

"I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

20 Months

Month twenty was good to us!  Charlie is communicating so well, it's crazy that we can have a full blown conversation with him.  He has been so curious about things lately always asking "What's that?",  "Why" and my favorite "What now?". 

Went to his first Scrappers game
Saw fireworks for the first time
Is so curious
Has a time out chair set up and it 's working ;)


For Ben's Birthday this past weekend we went to a Scrapper's game.  Since we probably wont make it to see the Indian's play this season it was the next best thing!  Charlie loved it, all though I think he was more impressed with his bucket-o-fries than the actual game.  We let him stay up 2 hours past his bed time to see the fireworks after the game which I thought was going to be a shit show combination for sure.  He was mesmerized and totally loved the fireworks so we were really happy that we decided to stay for them.  " Charlie how does the firework go?"  " BUMP BUMP!!"

Here are his 19 and twenty month faves:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I am headed out for a 4 day weekend at the lake to celebrate my girls bachelorette party!  Ben will be a single dad for the weekend! Good luck, Babe!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tough Guy

...And so it begins.  Charlie came home with his first skinned knee this week.  He was running on gravel and bit it...hard.  He took it like a champ though and now has a few battle scabs to brag about.  He is such a tough guy, sometimes he will literally stiffen up his lip with tears in his eyes but won't let the tears fall :(

This morning while I was getting ready for work, Ben was having breakfast and the Dude was playing his typical game of  "pull all the cushions off the couch then climb, roll and cannon ball jump all over them".  I heard a loud thud then Charlie crying.  Even though Ben assured me he was ok Momma had to come to the rescue with a big hug.  He had his head on my shoulder and stopped crying so Ben went back to eating breakfast, situation normal.  That is until I went to sit him back down, he picked up his head and I saw blood smeared all over his face:(  Just a few days after his first skinned knee came his first fat split lip. And so it begins...

Oh yes, and since he was such a trooper about it but wouldn't let me hold an ice pack to it the Dude got his first popsicle.  Which wasn't sugar free I might add.  He shoots- he scores!

R.I.P Mr. Robin Williams.  Thanks for the laughs.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ben and Baby

I was folding some clothes in my room when Charlie walked in and said "Hi Baby!".  Wait, what!??!  I almost died laughing it was so cute!  I knew exactly what was going on because a few weeks earlier he had started calling Ben "Ben".  He hears us calling each other Ben and Baby all the time so I guess (since he is our little parrot now) it was bound to happen.  I'm not mad though, he doesn't do it all the time and most of the time we try to correct him but I could listen to him call me baby all day long.  Sometimes, he'll give me a hug and say "aw, baby" in his sweet little voice.  I told him the other day "I'm Mom" to which he replied "Ok, baby."   

He is picking up short sentences now.  If I try to help him up the stairs or something like that he gives me a stern "I'll do it!" and pulls away.  It's bitter sweet because in most cases he can do it himself and as time goes by he'll rely on me less and less.  For now though, I back off when he says he can do it.  I know it's good for him to try and not long after I usually hear "Help, please!".

We all know how obsessed he is with his Pooh and friends figurines.  They go everywhere with us.  There are six of them so when we leave the house we try to limit him to only bringing two.  One day after we got home from a long day of running errands, he ran to his guys that were left behind, gave them a big squeeze and said "I miss you!!"  Melts my heart<3 He is just the sweetest little boy.