Thursday, August 21, 2014

20 Months

Month twenty was good to us!  Charlie is communicating so well, it's crazy that we can have a full blown conversation with him.  He has been so curious about things lately always asking "What's that?",  "Why" and my favorite "What now?". 

Went to his first Scrappers game
Saw fireworks for the first time
Is so curious
Has a time out chair set up and it 's working ;)


For Ben's Birthday this past weekend we went to a Scrapper's game.  Since we probably wont make it to see the Indian's play this season it was the next best thing!  Charlie loved it, all though I think he was more impressed with his bucket-o-fries than the actual game.  We let him stay up 2 hours past his bed time to see the fireworks after the game which I thought was going to be a shit show combination for sure.  He was mesmerized and totally loved the fireworks so we were really happy that we decided to stay for them.  " Charlie how does the firework go?"  " BUMP BUMP!!"

Here are his 19 and twenty month faves:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I am headed out for a 4 day weekend at the lake to celebrate my girls bachelorette party!  Ben will be a single dad for the weekend! Good luck, Babe!