Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ben and Baby

I was folding some clothes in my room when Charlie walked in and said "Hi Baby!".  Wait, what!??!  I almost died laughing it was so cute!  I knew exactly what was going on because a few weeks earlier he had started calling Ben "Ben".  He hears us calling each other Ben and Baby all the time so I guess (since he is our little parrot now) it was bound to happen.  I'm not mad though, he doesn't do it all the time and most of the time we try to correct him but I could listen to him call me baby all day long.  Sometimes, he'll give me a hug and say "aw, baby" in his sweet little voice.  I told him the other day "I'm Mom" to which he replied "Ok, baby."   

He is picking up short sentences now.  If I try to help him up the stairs or something like that he gives me a stern "I'll do it!" and pulls away.  It's bitter sweet because in most cases he can do it himself and as time goes by he'll rely on me less and less.  For now though, I back off when he says he can do it.  I know it's good for him to try and not long after I usually hear "Help, please!".

We all know how obsessed he is with his Pooh and friends figurines.  They go everywhere with us.  There are six of them so when we leave the house we try to limit him to only bringing two.  One day after we got home from a long day of running errands, he ran to his guys that were left behind, gave them a big squeeze and said "I miss you!!"  Melts my heart<3 He is just the sweetest little boy.