Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tough Guy

...And so it begins.  Charlie came home with his first skinned knee this week.  He was running on gravel and bit it...hard.  He took it like a champ though and now has a few battle scabs to brag about.  He is such a tough guy, sometimes he will literally stiffen up his lip with tears in his eyes but won't let the tears fall :(

This morning while I was getting ready for work, Ben was having breakfast and the Dude was playing his typical game of  "pull all the cushions off the couch then climb, roll and cannon ball jump all over them".  I heard a loud thud then Charlie crying.  Even though Ben assured me he was ok Momma had to come to the rescue with a big hug.  He had his head on my shoulder and stopped crying so Ben went back to eating breakfast, situation normal.  That is until I went to sit him back down, he picked up his head and I saw blood smeared all over his face:(  Just a few days after his first skinned knee came his first fat split lip. And so it begins...

Oh yes, and since he was such a trooper about it but wouldn't let me hold an ice pack to it the Dude got his first popsicle.  Which wasn't sugar free I might add.  He shoots- he scores!

R.I.P Mr. Robin Williams.  Thanks for the laughs.