Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nights lately

It's been two weeks since we transitioned to the toddler rail on Charlie's crib. {translation} It's been two weeks since Ben and I have gotten any sleep. {insert party horn and confetti emoji here}. 
We thought around his second birthday we would put him in a regular big boy bed so now would be a great time to use the toddler rail on his crib until then.  I made the switch one day while he was napping and was so excited for him to see when he woke up.  I showed him how to get in and out on his own and then he spent the next hour playing "Let's put all my toys in my bed and then climb up and throw them all off" over and over again.  I thought " He loves it, this is great!"

The first night really was great.  He went down without a fuss and fell out of bed only one time.  Fast forward to the next night.  2am I feel the blankets being pulled off me, I roll over to Charlie standing next to the bed with his Eeyore pillow pet.  "Hi Mom!  Eeyore's awake!"
Every night since then he has been getting up at 2am on the dot, coming into our room and refusing to go back to his bed.  We were letting him just sleep with us from 2am on up until a couple night's ago when we realized we needed to snap out of it and get him back to his regular sleeping routine.  We resorted to our tried and true technique of letting him cry it out.  If he got out of bed we'd put him right back in for what felt like 100 times a night.  Happy to report that the Dude has learned to stay in his bed and our nights are once again peaceful and quiet in the Reeder household.  Now all we have to do is figure out how to get him to sleep past 5am!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Twenty-one Months

Today, the 19th, marks 22 months for the Dude but here is a recap of month 21!

Is staying more engaged in activities, arts and crafts
Transitioned to the toddler rail on his crib
Is developing a sarcastic side which totally cracks us up
Amazes us every day with his talking and communication
Really loves to help, especially with putting away groceries and other household chores like vacuuming
Loves playing with his new kitties 

 If you follow me on instagram you've seen a few of Charlie's cat, CC's kitties.  CC lives at Ben's parents house, I am extremely allergic or I would take her and her kittens home with us!  They are the cutest things ever!  Charlie is so in love with them and it's so cute to see him interact with them.  He is very gentle and sweet and loves to love on them:)  He is so interested in their every move. If they're sleeping- "Mom, LOOK, keys seepin!" or eating- "Aww, keys eaten." or using the litter box- "Eww poop!".  If anyone is interested they will be free to a loving home in October:)

Hope everyone has the best official last weekend of summer!  Welcome Fall!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Mama + Mini

Happy Friday!!
It's no secret I'm trying to match with the dude any chance I get.   Sometimes when we are getting ready I'll wait to see what Ben wears and then slyly try to match Charlie's outfit to his.  From our matching mason's, ball cap's and tee's if there's any way to coordinate with him I'm trying to make it happen. 

If you're looking for fun inspiration on matching your little one's, I've put together a list of my favorites.  Some of which we have and other's I've got my eye on...
I can't believe we are almost half way through September. Bla!  I am, however, super excited to start thinking about Halloween costumes even if I'm positive there will never be a costume cuter than his "little gobbler" costume from last year!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


In my never ending efforts to keep mealtime exciting and then report back to you all with my findings to share with your little's, I proudly introduce food on a STICK!  We have been in a rut lately as Charlie was starting to show less and less interest in food and more more interest in milk.  I swear the kid would take milk all day everyday over food if we let him.  I had remembered how much he loved the rainbow fruit skewers on St. Patrick's Day and how his new favorite snack this summer was frozen watermelon on a stick.  I started finding other foods to put on a stick all of which received rave reviews!  I think his favorite is the heart waffles:)  

Another favorite that we tried for the first time was corn dogs! You can really use anything though, I just take whatever I was going to put on his plate and put it on a stick instead. Then he can take whatever is on his stick and use it with his "dip" which he is still obbsessed with!

Hope everyone enjoyed their unofficial last weekend of summer!  Ben and I are off to Milwaukee again tomorrow for the rest of the week, leaving the babe with his grandmas.  I don't want to leave him but I know he will have more fun playing with his grandparents than sitting in a car for a total of 16 hrs in 2 days.