Tuesday, September 2, 2014


In my never ending efforts to keep mealtime exciting and then report back to you all with my findings to share with your little's, I proudly introduce food on a STICK!  We have been in a rut lately as Charlie was starting to show less and less interest in food and more more interest in milk.  I swear the kid would take milk all day everyday over food if we let him.  I had remembered how much he loved the rainbow fruit skewers on St. Patrick's Day and how his new favorite snack this summer was frozen watermelon on a stick.  I started finding other foods to put on a stick all of which received rave reviews!  I think his favorite is the heart waffles:)  

Another favorite that we tried for the first time was corn dogs! You can really use anything though, I just take whatever I was going to put on his plate and put it on a stick instead. Then he can take whatever is on his stick and use it with his "dip" which he is still obbsessed with!

Hope everyone enjoyed their unofficial last weekend of summer!  Ben and I are off to Milwaukee again tomorrow for the rest of the week, leaving the babe with his grandmas.  I don't want to leave him but I know he will have more fun playing with his grandparents than sitting in a car for a total of 16 hrs in 2 days.