Friday, September 19, 2014

Twenty-one Months

Today, the 19th, marks 22 months for the Dude but here is a recap of month 21!

Is staying more engaged in activities, arts and crafts
Transitioned to the toddler rail on his crib
Is developing a sarcastic side which totally cracks us up
Amazes us every day with his talking and communication
Really loves to help, especially with putting away groceries and other household chores like vacuuming
Loves playing with his new kitties 

 If you follow me on instagram you've seen a few of Charlie's cat, CC's kitties.  CC lives at Ben's parents house, I am extremely allergic or I would take her and her kittens home with us!  They are the cutest things ever!  Charlie is so in love with them and it's so cute to see him interact with them.  He is very gentle and sweet and loves to love on them:)  He is so interested in their every move. If they're sleeping- "Mom, LOOK, keys seepin!" or eating- "Aww, keys eaten." or using the litter box- "Eww poop!".  If anyone is interested they will be free to a loving home in October:)

Hope everyone has the best official last weekend of summer!  Welcome Fall!!