Tuesday, October 21, 2014

22 Months

Month 22 was a fun month indeed!  Charlie is a little ball of energy who loves to run and play ALL day!  It's getting hard for his grandparents to get him to take naps during the day.  He just wants to go, go, go!

Loves to sing!  His favorite is the Itsy Bitsy Spider, hand motions and all!
Got his first hair cut
Wants to be outside all day
Counts in to the teens now!  He gets to 13 and then needs help sorting out the rest:)
Is obsessed with hide and seek.  I'll randomly hear "CAN'T FIND MEEEEE!" coming from another room.  That's my cue..." Charlieee, where are youuuuu?"  He is such a good hider, so still and quiet.
Knows all his colors, shapes and a lot of letters.  He is even good at drawing circles. 

Here are some 21 and 22 month favorites...
1. Two Piece PJ's-  Now that the weather is getting cold we are back to the long two piece pj's.  These Gap lion striped ones are my favorite.

2.  Rain Boots-  The Dude is a mud puddle magnet so these are perfect for out door fun!

3.  Brown Bear Book-  We still read every day, I try to rotate all our books to keep him engaged.  He's in to Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see right now.  Sometimes with this book he'll shush me then proceed to tell me his own version of the book. " Aww kitty!" or "Shew shew why dog!" {translation: Get away, white dog.} or "Mom! Look! Sheepie!!" when he comes to the black sheep:)

4.  Hard hat and gear-  Charlie's into hats, has been for awhile, but we recently pulled a hard hat out that he got last year at a birthday party and he loves it.  For awhile he wanted to wear it everywhere we went!  He likes dressing up with his hard hat, tool belt and tools.  He loves putting his Halloween costume on too!  The day we tried it on I couldn't get him to take it off, he stood in front of the mirror forever closely looking over every detail of the costume.  He couldn't believe he was looking at himself, it was so funny!  He even got a kick out of putting his costume from last year on and clucking around the house! Ha Ha

5. Lion figurines-  At this stage he is less into toys and more into using his imagination.  That's why I think he likes to dress up so much and why these little lions keep him occupied for long periods time.  He loves walking them around and making them roar at each other.

Month 22 has been a fun stage!  We love watching him grow, learn and play.  He truely is the highlight of our life!