Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Weekend

I'm pretty sure last week was my first time ever missing a week of blogging.  My OCD kicked in and I felt really anxious about it too but I was really busy getting ready for my Matron of Honor duties in Nashville!   With out gushing too much over all the fun we had and how much I love my best friend I wanted to share a few details of the wedding.  The ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all took place at the most beautiful venue called Cellar One right downtown Nashville.  The ceremony was held in an open outside courtyard right across from the river.  It was the most beautiful rustic chic wedding I have ever been to.  You could just feel the love all weekend long.  And of course the bride and groom looked phenomenal!

Love you to the moon, Rachael!

Now on to Mr. Charles Beau.  We are getting pumped up for Halloween!  And when I say we I mean me:)  We have been reading some fun Halloween books, got some new Halloween jams and busted out some Halloween goodies last week!

Even though he grew his own pumpkins this year in his grandparents garden I still want to take him to a pumpkin patch so he can try my favorite, warm apple cider for the first time and take his first hay ride!! We also got his Halloween costume last week and rest assured I believe it is just as cute as last years!  I don't think I'm actually going to take him Trick-or-Treating though.  I'm leaning towards just passing out candy like we did last year.  I have a feeling this will be the last year that I get to pick out his costume.  Soon enough he will have his own opinion on the matter but I'm pretty happy with my choices these last two years.  I have a feeling it will be all super hero's and Disney characters from here on out. Bla