Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Charles Beau

Happy Thanksgiving!
We kept Charlie's 2nd Birthday on the down low last week, no big party or celebration, just a fun early morning mini donut cake and presents with mom and dad and then off to grandma's house he went to collect more birthday loot on his big day:)

He was a pro at blowing out his candle and wanted to do over and over again so we re-lite it four or five times. Ha
And while he got a kick out of dunkin his donuts in the milk he was not a fan of the taste.  He took one bite and quickly spit it out yelling "Yuck!"

Here is Charlie's two year interview:)

There are no words to describe how much we love you, Charlie. Happy 2nd Birthday my little Dude!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

23 Months

Charlie turns the big 2 tomorrow!  For now lets recap this last month!

Is really getting in to singing AND dancing
Doesn't refer to himself in the third person anymore:)
Still loves to be outside
Has found a new love for the slide at the playground. It's definitely his favorite and he doesn't need Mom's help anymore *tear
(this one is my favorite) Takes his jacket off all by himself.  It is the cutest thing watching him unzip and then wiggle his little arms out.  Then he hands it to me and says "Here Mom!"

In the past months if I were to show Charlie a picture of he and I and asked "Who's that?"  He would have said "That's Charlie!" "That's Mom!"  Now if you ask him he'll say "That's Me!"  "That's you!"  Most of mine and Ben's conversations start with "Did you hear him say that?..." or "I can't believe he already knows how to say this!..."  It really is crazy how fast he is picking things up and in the past he has always been smarter than I give him credit for but not anymore:)  I really do think he's a genius! lol

We are still having trouble getting him to sleep past 4am. Boo  We are the type of parents that never ask for help or suggestions when it comes to child rearing.  We just push through or in regards to sleeping we just wait it out and in time the situation naturally changes.  Buuuut we have been waiting this one out for months now and nothing is changing.  I'm going to ask our pediatrician for some advice at his 2 year well visit on Monday and hopefully we'll have a break through!  Stay tuned!

Also, this picture was taken literally 2 days after the above pictures.  Only in Ohio...Wha Wha

Hope everyone is having fun with your kids out in the snow! 
T-10 days to Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Toddler gifts

Yesterday I got to stay home and enjoy the day with my little dude!  I love unexpected days off where it's just he and I!  Our first order of business was a banana pineapple smoothie for breakfast.  Then we played the day away, we even made it out to the play ground to enjoy one of our last semi-warm days of fall!
How cute is his "2" mason cup!? So fitting for my soon to be 2 year old!

Since his birthday and Christmas are right around the corner I thought I'd round up some gift idea inspiration!  If those red house socks aren't the cutest things ever then I don't know what is.  I will definitely be trying to find a matching adult pair!

The Gus & Me book may be more for me than Charlie.  It is a kids book but it was written by Keith Richards and illustrated by his daughter Theodora Richards.  I seriously can't wait to get my hands on it!  PLUS there is an audio download available of the man himself reading it! Double score!!
I'm also really feeling the Kate Spade & Jack Spade for Gap Kids Collection.  They have such cute stuff for the holidays!!

Hope everyone is enjoying November!  T-15 days until Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


For weeks leading up to Halloween Charlie loved playing in his costume, he would literally cry when I tried taking it off.  As luck would have it, he wanted no part of it come game day.  When we first put it on at Ben's parents house he threw a fit, wouldn't leave it on and I didn't get any pictures:(  Our second try at my moms house went a little better.  He wore it just long enough for me to snap a couple pictures but no way was he going to let me draw whiskers on his face (even after I drew some on mine to show how much fun it was) and double no way was he going to smile for the camera. Even still, he made the cutest little lion and even managed to muster up a couple roars for us!

The tail totally made the costume for me! So freaking cute!!

Even though we didn't go out Trick or Treating we had just as much fun passing out candy.  Charlie especially had fun transporting candy back and forth from the candy bowl to his Trick or Treat bucket over and over again.  Speaking of  Trick or Treat buckets I wanted to share a fun idea I thought of last year.  Every year I will document what Charlie was for Halloween that year on his bucket.  It will make a great keepsake for him to be able to remember what costumes he wore for Halloween growing up!!   

I was also able to wear my whiskers out on Saturday night to a fun Halloween party at my friends house.  Halloween is my most favorite holiday and October in general really is the best time of year for me.  I'm sad to see it go but really looking forward to the holidays!

Happy November, Friends! XO