Tuesday, November 18, 2014

23 Months

Charlie turns the big 2 tomorrow!  For now lets recap this last month!

Is really getting in to singing AND dancing
Doesn't refer to himself in the third person anymore:)
Still loves to be outside
Has found a new love for the slide at the playground. It's definitely his favorite and he doesn't need Mom's help anymore *tear
(this one is my favorite) Takes his jacket off all by himself.  It is the cutest thing watching him unzip and then wiggle his little arms out.  Then he hands it to me and says "Here Mom!"

In the past months if I were to show Charlie a picture of he and I and asked "Who's that?"  He would have said "That's Charlie!" "That's Mom!"  Now if you ask him he'll say "That's Me!"  "That's you!"  Most of mine and Ben's conversations start with "Did you hear him say that?..." or "I can't believe he already knows how to say this!..."  It really is crazy how fast he is picking things up and in the past he has always been smarter than I give him credit for but not anymore:)  I really do think he's a genius! lol

We are still having trouble getting him to sleep past 4am. Boo  We are the type of parents that never ask for help or suggestions when it comes to child rearing.  We just push through or in regards to sleeping we just wait it out and in time the situation naturally changes.  Buuuut we have been waiting this one out for months now and nothing is changing.  I'm going to ask our pediatrician for some advice at his 2 year well visit on Monday and hopefully we'll have a break through!  Stay tuned!

Also, this picture was taken literally 2 days after the above pictures.  Only in Ohio...Wha Wha

Hope everyone is having fun with your kids out in the snow! 
T-10 days to Thanksgiving!