Wednesday, November 5, 2014


For weeks leading up to Halloween Charlie loved playing in his costume, he would literally cry when I tried taking it off.  As luck would have it, he wanted no part of it come game day.  When we first put it on at Ben's parents house he threw a fit, wouldn't leave it on and I didn't get any pictures:(  Our second try at my moms house went a little better.  He wore it just long enough for me to snap a couple pictures but no way was he going to let me draw whiskers on his face (even after I drew some on mine to show how much fun it was) and double no way was he going to smile for the camera. Even still, he made the cutest little lion and even managed to muster up a couple roars for us!

The tail totally made the costume for me! So freaking cute!!

Even though we didn't go out Trick or Treating we had just as much fun passing out candy.  Charlie especially had fun transporting candy back and forth from the candy bowl to his Trick or Treat bucket over and over again.  Speaking of  Trick or Treat buckets I wanted to share a fun idea I thought of last year.  Every year I will document what Charlie was for Halloween that year on his bucket.  It will make a great keepsake for him to be able to remember what costumes he wore for Halloween growing up!!   

I was also able to wear my whiskers out on Saturday night to a fun Halloween party at my friends house.  Halloween is my most favorite holiday and October in general really is the best time of year for me.  I'm sad to see it go but really looking forward to the holidays!

Happy November, Friends! XO