Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Christmas 2015

Another Christmas has come and gone and this one was our best year yet!  Besides not getting to spend Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family this year due to another nasty cold it was nothing short of perfect!  Charlie was sad to see our elf, Frankie go but was so excited that Santa was coming in the morning!  We set out his milk and cookies and when I asked what message he wanted to leave to Santa he said "Tell him Ho! Ho! Ho!" as he held his belly and used his best Santa voice!
Charlie was wide eyed and bushy tailed at 5am the next morning.  He just couldn't contain himself nor could he wait for Ben to wake up so we tip toed to the living room and he opened presents by the light of the Christmas tree.  After opening each gift he would whisper "Just what I wanted!" and then hug it, look up to the sky and say "Thanks Santa!"  Then he moved on to Brad's gifts.  After opening each one he would hold it in front of Brad's face and say "Don't you love it, Bad!?"  it was so cute!
 After opening gifts we headed to my mom's house in our PJ's to spend Christmas morning there like we do every year.  We had fun, she always makes it a special morning for us and we always leave with our car jam packed with gifts galore!  And Brad started sitting on his own better than ever Christmas day!  He is really getting the hang of it only a few days in from turning 5 months!   He loves sitting up and playing with all his new toys!
After my moms, we headed back to Ben's parents house for lunch with his family and then we were off to visit with my Havanas' side of the family!  When we got home we let the boys stay up way past their bed time to play with all their new toys and blow off some extra candy induced energy!  It's always a full day for us but so worth every minute!  
Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!  Until next year!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Brad's 5 Months! Merry Christmas!

Brad turned five months on Monday and is making huge strides with regards to strength and awareness.  He is rolling over both ways,  I don't remember Charlie rolling from back to belly until he was a little older.  Just another reason why you can't compare because all babies are different.  His legs are much stronger now to where he can keep himself in a standing position while leaning on me so I can pull his pants up or while just holding on to my fingers. He can sit up for a while on his own and does very well sitting up with minimal support.  He also grabs his bottle, puts it in his mouth and holds it all on his own now.  

He is communicating in more ways than just laughing and crying.  When he likes are wants something he will reach, grab and grunt for it.  When he doesn't like or want something he will push it away.  I can see the bond between he and Charlie grow every day!  They are getting used to each other and figuring each other out.  They know how to get a good laugh out of each other too!

Brad's sleeping through the night streak has sadly come to an end.  He started waking up earlier and earlier over the last two weeks and so I thought if I gave him more than his standard 4 1/2 oz. before bed it might help him sleep better through the night.  It did for a couple nights but we are back to waking up at 3, 4, or 5 am.  I think it might be his teeth bothering him so I am going to try a different plan of attack (not sure what yet) and see if that works.  Stay tuned.

Lastly, my milk supply has gone down so much over the past month that we had to start supplementing with formula over the last few days.  I am working very hard at trying to get it back and really kicking myself for not keeping up with it all for a good nights sleep and the inconvenience it caused at work and now I'm Brad's paying the price:(  I am back to drinking 120 fl.oz. of water a day and pumping every 4 hrs.  I haven't seen a huge change yet but I've only been doing it a couple days so we'll see.

Happy five months to my little blondie whose hair is coming in and sticking straight up!  We love you, big bad Brad!

Merry Christmas Eve, friends!  Hope Santa is good to you!
Love, The Reeder's

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Santa Clause is comin' to town

Charlie and I are really getting into the holiday spirit over here! My favorite is our morning car rides to gram and pops house.  We listen to Christmas music the whole way and the station that we listen to always ends up playing the same 5 or 6 songs around the same time we are in the car.  Charlie's favorite is Bruce Springsteen's version of Santa Clause is Comin' to Town.  He yells "Turn it up momma!" and I turn it up and we both scream with Bruce at the end of the song "SANTA CLAUSE IS COMIN' TO TOWN!!" over and over again while Brad just screams (because he still hates car seat life or maybe he just hates our singing, either way...)  
There's also still a few songs that bring me to tears.  Josh Groban's version of Oh Holy Night and really any version of Mary Did You Know?.  I first heard that song when I was in my early teens.  Sean's family is very musically inclined.  His sister, Teresa and family were staying with us one Christmas and I remember waking up early one morning and hearing her singing that song downstairs.  She was just sitting down there with her coffee and guitar and singing.  I sat at the top of the steps and listened.  It was beautiful and has been one of my favorite songs ever since. Anyways, enough rambling.

We saw Santa this past weekend and I don't know what I was so worried about because Charlie just loved him! I didn't want to take him to the mall like I had done in the past because the last two times we went for the Easter Bunny and Santa, we waited in a long line only to have a freak out session as soon as it was our turn.  This year they had Santa at Build and Grow.  I thought it was perfect because we were able to kill two birds with one stone and if Charlie ended up not wanting to sit with Santa it was no harm no foul because at least we hadn't made a special trip out and then waited an hour in line to see him. It was the hokiest Santa I'd ever seen but he got the job done and Charlie loved him so I won't complain!  
Now I know for next year to find a better Santa but then Brad will probably be in his freak out prime sooo...whatever!
Santa also stopped at my mom's house to bring the boys gifts on the fire truck last night.  This was a fun tradition my mom did for me and my sister when we were kids and it's so fun now doing it for the boys!  Especially since Charlie has a new found obsession with Santa!  He was mesmerized and it blew his little three year old mind that Santa knew his name:) I unfortunately have no pictures to share because the few that I did take turned out so dark even Instagram filters couldn't brighten them up.  I did get a great video of Charlie running to Santa for a big hug before he left (the video is to long to upload)!  It was unsolicited and totally priceless!

Hope pictures with Santa are going well for everyone!
This really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Oh and here's a little Throw Back Thursday to Charlie's first Christmas:)

:Update: I had a few people ask where I got Brad's Santa beard sweater.  It's from Gapkids.  It's sold out online but they still have some in stores:)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Extras

By now I'm sure everyone's got their Christmas tree up and stockings hung with care but I wanted to round up a few Christmas extras for the babes to help make the season extra bright! Hello, little drummer boy PJ's!

I really love the chairbackers that Pottery Barn puts out for each holiday.  There are little pockets in them to hide goodies and you can personalize them with your kids name. So cute!
The milk and cookies mug and platter are such a fun idea too! And I really like this one because the plate doubles as a chalkboard to leave a little note for Santa. Our elf, Frankie will be leaving Charlie and Brad a milk and cookies set on his last night!  And speaking of Elf on the Shelf, how cute is this hat, mittens and scarf combo!? 
The candy cane plush toy makes a great stocking stuffer for the littlest ones!  I plan to round up a few of my Christmas gift and stocking stuffer ideas next week:)
Oh and if you haven't started an advent calendar yet you can probably get a good deal on one like this since we are almost half way to Christmas!  Or you still have time to do a DIY one like this super cute toilet paper roll house!

We are going to see Santa on Saturday.  I'm hoping Brad brings a different dynamic to the table and Charlie will actually want to have his picture taken.  We'll see:)
Hope everyone is having a fun holiday season!


Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Thanksgiving + Brad's 4 Month Update

Ben and I took off work last week to spend time with the boys.  Unfortunately, it ended with all four of us down with a cold and Brad got the worst of it this time.  Poor baby.  Charlie never got so much as a runny nose until after he was a year old and Brad has already gotten 3 colds in these past 4 months:( It's so frustrating!  

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday.  It was a quiet and relaxed one this year with only my mom, Sean and Meg but the food was delicious and the champagne kept a flowin'!
We celebrated with Ben's family on Friday with his parents and brother's family.   They have 5 kids plus our 2, so it was a wild night (the pictures are very deceiving).  We had so much fun! P.S. Brad did the no pants dance for most of the night and then past out early.

Hope everyone had the happiest of Thanksgivings with family and friends this year!  

Happy four months to my little Thanksgiving butterball, Brad!
At his 4 month well visit last week he was 18 lbs. 26 in. and in the 99%.  I was surprised by his weight.  I thought for sure he was going to be at least 20 lbs. because homeboy is getting hard to carry, especially in his car seat.  Which reminds me, I need to hit the gym!

The doc could see two bottom teeth under his gums and said we might notice signs of teething which we definitely do.  He is a slobber monster and drooling everywhere!  I had read that around four months is when you can start doing solid foods but that seemed kind of early and I couldn't remember when I started with Charlie.  His doctor said breast is best and if we wanted to wait a little longer until around 6 months that's great.  So I think we will hold off until then.

He is still sleeping through the night and even though I haven't witnessed this yet I know he is rolling over.  I know this because in the morning not only is he in a completely different spot then where I put him down but also if I laid him on his stomach he is on his back and vice versa.

We are getting baby giggles which are the cutest thing ever! Brad is totally captivated by Charlie.  There are times when they are laying next to each other, Brad gets so excited he starts hyperventilating!  He just loves him so much!

Happy 4 months, Brad. We love you!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Happy Third Birthday, Charlie Beau!

I can't believe our eldest, The Dude, is already 3 years old!  Time really does fly when you're having fun.  I have never known a child more wise and witty than he is and he says and does the funniest things! While playing hide and seek with his Grandma, as she popped out to scare him he jumped and said "Ahh, you startled me!".  What little kid says that!?  I don't even say that!  The other night while eating dinner he asked if he could watch the iPad.  I told him not until he finished his meal and asked to be excused. "Yes ma'am." he said as he ROLLED HIS EYES!  How does he even know what that means!?  Bro. You're three.  You can't roll your eyes at me until you're like thirteen!
He's also so very caring and sensitive.  We took him to meet up with his cousins to play at McDonald's a couple weeks ago.  Instead of playing in the tunnels he chose to stand at the bottom of the slides and help all the kids get off after they slid down.  It melted my heart to watch him.  He amazes us everyday.  Our little Threenager:)

Here is his annual Birthday interview!  His first and second birthday interviews were me just filling in what I thought he'd say but this year he answered himself!  So fun!
We were super excited to see that Charlie was featured on the Happy Birthday segment on Sprout TV today!  What a special moment to watch! 

Happy Birthday, Charlie!  You are the sweetest, silliest, most fun and caring little boy in the whole world.  You're beautiful inside and out. With the brightest smile and a heart of gold!    What an incredible 3 years it's been and we just can't wait to see what each new day brings for you. You are the light of our lives, the best big brother and we could not be more proud of you!  We love you further than the moon and all the planets and all the stars!  -Mom, Dad and Brad

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

3rd Birthday Gift Picks

It's birthday month for Charlie Beau!  The Dude will be three going on thirteen.  Someone asked me how old he was the other day and Ben had to correct me because I accidentally told them he was going to be four!  He's just so mature for his age I sometimes think he is older than he really is!

Since they are so close together, I'm trying to decipher between birthday gifts and Christmas gifts.  I feel bad for parents with kids that have birthdays the same month as Christmas!  It's exhausting trying to figure out what's coming when and from whom.   I guess this year I'm going to let Santa steal my thunder and give Charlie the bigger gifts.  Here is a little round up of birthday ideas for a 3 year old.  My favorite being those monster claw slippers! So cute!

Update: Even though Charlie loves to be around Brad he still never wants to hold him.  He'll lay next to him, hug and kiss him but when I ask him to hold his brother he refuses!  I have to bribe him with Halloween candy and even then he'll say "OK, but I'm not touchin' him!" and then hold his arms up high.  I don't get it!  

Hope everyone is having a great week!  

Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Happy Halloween 2015

We had the best Halloween this year!  It was Brad's first Halloween and the first year that Charlie went door to door Trick or Treating! He just loved it!
We headed to my mom's house for Trick or Treating after we watched "Room on the Broom", the cutest little Halloween movie based on this children's book.  Totally worth the buy for next Halloween if you don't already have it:)  
Charlie was a football player and Brad was his football which made for the cutest brother costume combo I've ever seen!

Brad stayed behind with Aunt Meghan to pass out candy while we took Charlie out to Trick or Treat.  He had so much fun, yelled "TRICK OR TREAT!" at every door step and then said "OK now, let's go get some more!" like a broken record after EVERY house!  That is until I wanted to catch him saying it on video.  As soon as I started recording he says " OK now, let's go home."


It was our most fun year yet!  
Happy November, Friends!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin + Apple Picking

We took the worlds fastest trip to the apple orchard on my birthday last week to pick apples and pumpkins.  I made a rookie mistake and forgot to bring a bottle for Brad.  Right as we were finishing up picking our apples he started getting hangry and as soon as I reached for my bag it hit me that I never packed his bottles. Hashtag momfail. We flew through the rest of our trip and sped home before Brad had time to completely loose his shit.  Charlie had so much fun while it lasted and I think we're going to take him back seeing as how he was such a trooper!

Happy Halloween!!  Can't wait to see all the little kids in their costumes and share Charlie and Brad's next week too! XO

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brad Is Three Months New

This guy is still sleeping through the night like a boss (insert praying hands emoji here)!  He's not a light sleeper either, nothing wakes this kid up.  He's a little army crawler in his crib at night. I lay him down one way and in the morning he is in a completely different spot!
He all of a sudden doesn't enjoy being in his car seat like he used to which is very inconvenient seeing as how we have a lot of long car rides during the week to my moms house.  Charlie is so sweet with him in the car.  He reaches over and tries to rub his hand or rock his car seat and says "It's ok, Bad.  We're almost to Gram's house."
Despite my efforts he loves to suck his thumb.  Charlie was a finger sucker (still is) by three months and I think Brad is following suit.  I was really pushing the pacifier with Brad because you can eventually take those away.  We have tried all different kinds but nothing satisfies him like his thumb (or Ben's pinky finger).  Breaking the finger sucking habit has proven to be very difficult with Charlie so I really didn't want to go down that road again but here we are:)
Brad still loves to be held and cuddled. He loves watching Ben and Charlie wrestle around and he really loves when Charlie talks to him.  He prefers to be siting up and likes when everyone is on his level.  He is starting to take interest in toys and his hands and feet too.
His happy place is in the tub with his big bro.  He loves the water more and more with each bath and he doesn't even care if Charlie splashes water all up in his face. He is right there with him kicking and splashing and cooing up a storm!  

His smiles light up a room, he smiles with everything he's got and you can't help but smile right along with him!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Ours is packed with Halloween parties and celebrations... Happy Anniversary, Ben!  Four years, two babies, a whole lot of love and we're just getting started!  I love you!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Favorites- Mama Addition!

Charlie, Brad and myself caught another cold last week, bla!  Nothing crazy, just congested and germ-y.  I swear I can't adult when I'm feeling all stuffed up and foggy which means no blogging either.  I'm going to make up for it though and blog double time this week so keep an eye out for another post in a few days!
I digress.  
In the past I used to post my season favorites for Charlie and I (which I totally let get away from me) and I'm going to start again so I'm kicking it off with a Mama Addition!:) 

The dress and sweatshirt are both super cheap right now at H&M!  I heart transitional pieces like these that you can literally wear all year round!  When I find cute, comfy and affordable ones like these I get um in every color! 
Ben and I just bought the Linenkugal's fall variety pack and the Pumpkin Shandy was a home run for sure.  I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with all their "Shandy's"!!
Blanket scarves are all the rage right now and rightfully so!  I have two of them and they are literally the size of a blanket.  I love how obnoxiously huge and chunky they look when you wear them!  They are also perfect for nursing moms to use as a cover up as well!

Also, if you're not really a beer drinker but you want to still feel festive add a shot of Captain Morgan to your apple cider (hot or cold)!  I had a few of those bad boys last week and they were delicious!

Okay so this has nothing to do with fall but it is my favorite!  If you haven't seen this Nail Salon clip it is hilarious!  No matter how many times I watch it it gets me every time! Every. Damn. Time. lol

Hope everyone has a great week and I'll be back soon:)