Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year! and other 2015 ramblings

Hope everyone had the happiest of New Years and your all still giving your resolutions 110%!  A friend invited us over with a few other couples and their kids so we took Charlie over to play for a few hours.  We had a great time but we were home and in bed by 10:30pm, there was no way I could stay up for the ball drop and a New Years kiss this year- Momma needs her sleep!  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sharing my 2014 resolution of staying present and not letting my time with Charlie fly by.  I'm happy to say that I think I kicked my 2014 resolutions ass!  I stayed committed to my blog and took more pictures to document all the little things we did, maximized and cherished all my time away from work with the dude and for most of the year my facebook account was deactivated- something I thought was distracting me during the evenings when I should be "present" with my family.

This year if you noticed on Instagram my original resolution was to be a "fun" mom again i.e. my fun foods for the Dude, to stop feeling sorry for myself about being miserable with nausea and literally try to will my sickness away.

I was going to stop acknowledging it, stop complaining about it and hopefully it would just go away!  Luckily I didn't have to try for very long because this past Sunday as fast as my sickness came, it went!  I am 100% feeling like a normal human being and not a raging hormonal bitch anymore!  Hooray!  Soooo my revised resolution is to have a happy healthy pregnancy and postpartum.  These last couple of months have been dreadful so I'm excited to move into my second trimester with better eating, more exercise and positive vibes!

So far we have kicked off 2015 in a big way.  As of today we are official owners of several acres in my dream location!  We finally found land that is the perfect compromise for Ben and I.  Enough land to where we can't see our neighbors and Ben feels like he is in the country but on a cul-de-sac with 8 other homes on the street so I feel like I'm in a development.  Not to mention the great school district and centralized location between parents and everywhere we need to be for work, it really is a Win-Win Win-Win and I couldn't be happier!  If everything goes as planned we are set to break ground on our new home this spring :)

And lastly, baby Reeder number two's first debut on the blog.  Twenty fifteen's greatest gift to our family!