Saturday, February 7, 2015

Big boy bed & Baby crib

Good (Saturday) Morning!
Charlie's been sleeping in a big boy bed for two weeks now and doing great!  He loves his new queen sized bed even though he could get lost in it, ha. The morning after his first night in it Ben's parents came to pick him up and he just could not wait to show it off.  "Look at my new bed!!"  he kept yelling with his hands in the air.  He really loves it more than his crib and he looks like a tiny little peanut in it.  So cute!

We also set the crib back up and got it all ready for baby #2.  Every time I walk by it I get so excited to think that we are going to have a teeny little baby again soon:)  I did get a couple new prints, I thought about just using the same ones from Charlie's collage but decided to use some different ones.  Neutral colors of course and I still need to get a frame for the Baby Reeder one but you get the gist.

 Happy Weekend:)