Monday, February 16, 2015

Charlie's debut on the court

Last week was my sister Meghan's basketball senior night and Charlie got to escort her onto the court for her recognition.  What a little ham bone he was!  He had the crowd laughing as he bounced up and down with excitement to be in the middle of the court in front of all those people.  It was really cute.

I have to mention that Charlie's current obsession is his Ohio State ball cap.  He refuses to take it off (which is semi-annoying because it doesn't ever match anything he's wearing).  I swear he would sleep with it on if we let him.  It's funny because it's an adult size that we have on the smallest notch but he likes to wear it resting on the crown of his head.  It always looks like it's about to fall off but he has mastered the art of balancing it and keeping it on.  It cracks me up.  Anyways...

We are so proud of Meghan.  Her senior year basketball career was cut short due to a torn ACL and meniscus.  She has brought so much joy to our family watching her play these past ten years.  She is an amazing athlete, leader and a true talent.  We love you, Meghan!