Monday, March 30, 2015

2nd Trimester Favorites

As my second trimester comes to an end in just a few weeks it's time for my roundup of favorites...

My nails (and hair) are growing like weeds.  I clip them and two days later I swear they grow an inch!  I'm also pushing back my cuticles all the time so this cream is a life time saver!  It makes it super easy to quickly push um back with just my thumb nail while at work or watching TV.  I really really really love Burt's Bees.  If I've been to your baby shower in the last year chances are you got a shit ton of BB clothes and products as my gift:)  and I have a feeling baby #2's gonna be my little BB baby!

This pregnancy I ditched the coco butter lotion and went straight for the coconut oil to prevent stretch marks.  Even before I got pregnant I've always had small fine ones on my hips. Since I've been pregnant and using coconut oil every day not only has it kept new ones at bay but the old ones are slowly disappearing.  Whoop whoop.

This list is very similar to the list I put together when I was pregnant with Charlie.  You can check that one out here.  I'm so happy to be doing this blog, I love going back and reading old posts to see how they compare to life now:)

My Baby Ritmo should totally be on this list but I can't find it anywhere.  I'm so disappointed that I haven't started using it yet.  I'm going to look one more place at my mom's house and if I can't find it there then I think I'm going to buy the BellyBuds this time around.  I HAVE to get this baby some jams ASAP!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Charlie Tales & Eeyores Tail

Lately Charlie has been saying some hilarious stuff!  His little sense of humor and personality are really shinning through.  It's funny though how some of the things he says that I once thought were so funny are now actually a little embarrassing when said in public and I'm trying to now correct it.  I used to get the biggest kick out of him whenever he would get mad he would shoot an evil eye and say "Why I oughta!".  So funny, until last week while at The Little Gym his teacher was going to help him do a handstand.  She got him to bend over, put both hands on the floor and then all of a sudden he popped up shaking a fist in her face "Why I oughta!" he growled.  All the parents got a good laugh but Ben and I (and the teacher too) not so much.  Oh Charles.
On the other hand, he is saying some really sweet things that just melt my heart.  The other day after I was done getting ready for work I asked Charlie  "How do I look?"  He replied "You yook HAPPY Mama!"  He totally nailed it:)

We all know how much Charlie loves Eeyore.  In the Winnie the Pooh movie Eeyore is always losing his tail and Christopher Robin always puts it back on for him.  A few months ago Ben's mom knitted him a tail with a little bow on the end just like Eeyores and the kid wears it everywhere!  He loves it!  It gets a lot of attention and he gets compliments on it everywhere we go. Last month we had to go to the emergency room because Charlie burnt his hand and he of course was wearing his tail.  He was the talk of the town among the staff, we had doctors and nurses popping into our room the whole time we were there.  Everyone wanted to see the cute little boy with the tail!  

Happy Spring!  And in the words of my gram...Spring has sprung, the grass is riz.  I wonder where ol' Stepher is:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our weekend + St. Patrick's Day

I took last Friday and this Monday off so I could have a nice long weekend to help the Dude ditch his diapers!  We totally winged it. Got some big boy underwear, special treats and learned the happy potty dance...the rest is history:)  I did give myself an unrealistic goal of a full blown potty trained tot in a few short days but Charlie is doing very well.   He wears pull ups at night and when we leave the house (which he has done really well with understanding that even though it feels like a diaper he shouldn't go to the bathroom in them) and regular underwear while we are at home.  We pretty much lived in the bathroom all weekend so we got creative with bathroom snacks, activities and we of course had fun special potty treats for rewarding him.  Although it wasn't easy, we are very proud parents;) 

And on Monday we went out for free cones at DQ to celebrate;)

On St. Patrick's Day I was back to work so I snapped a couple festive selfies with the dude before running out the door and traded in a green beer for a green smoothie!!

I also just have to share this short clip.  Charlie is now memorizing his books and it is so cute to listen to him "read"!!  Sometimes he'll pick up a book, open it and say "Once upon a time!" It's pretty funny.  My pain in the ass phone cut off for no good reason while he started to read The Brown Bear book and there was no way Charlie was going to start over for me so this was all I got. It puts a huge smile on my face every time though!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

21 Weeks Bumpdate

(More than) half way down, (less than) half way to go!   This pregnancy is flying by and I'm really enjoying it more than I did my last.  I think because I have much more on my plate then the last time around and also because I know I'll probably only get to go through one more pregnancy after this so I'm really cherishing it:)

How far along? 21 weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  11 lbs. Up 2 since my 17 week bumpdate.
Maternity clothes? I bought a new pair of boyfriend cut maternity jeans, a pair of leggings and a couple solid colored basic tops. My go to outfit is leggings, a tee and a long sweater cardigan.
Stretch marks?  No
Sleep? Sleep is good!

Best moment this week?  We had an ultrasound on Tuesday!  It's the best feeling to see your babe on the big screen and to be reassured of a healthy baby. Our little one has big hands and feet just like Charlie did and is weighing in at 1 whole pound!  
Miss Anything?  Nope, I'm good.
Movement? Yes!  Little tumbles and kicks and pushes all day!

Food cravings?
 Apples and strawberry salads.  Finally some healthy foods.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Certain smells still get to me but other than that I'm feeling good!
Have you started to show yet? Yes!
Gender? I
t's a surprise!  After this weeks ultrasound my Dr. knows now.  I hope she doesn't blow it!
Labor Signs? No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Feeling great!
Looking forward to?  St. Patrick's day, some fun get togethers with friends and this warmer weather!  I know those aren't pregnancy related but...

Hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day next week!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Easter Goodies

Since Easter is right around the corner (31 days!) I've started getting goodies for Charlie's basket.  I put together a little Easter goodie list.  I try not to put candy in his basket and stick with the "Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read" rule when it comes to gift giving for the dude during the holidays :)

Charlie has a lot going on starting here in March through this summer and I'm sooo excited for him!  We finally got him scheduled for all sorts of fun activities to keep him busy until baby number two gets here.  He starts The Little Gym tomorrow and will go two days a week through June then in April he starts the K.I.S.S swim program two days a week until May.  I also started an account with the Build & Grow program so he can start going in May AND I've checked out the local library of the city we are moving to for their schedule of Story time events.  I'm making a conscious effort to do more things (like the K.I.S.S. program) in my new city so I can get acclimated to the area before we move.  So so pumped to start all this fun stuff with Charlie and hopefully enjoy some warmer weather here in the weeks to come!

Happy March!