Monday, March 30, 2015

2nd Trimester Favorites

As my second trimester comes to an end in just a few weeks it's time for my roundup of favorites...

My nails (and hair) are growing like weeds.  I clip them and two days later I swear they grow an inch!  I'm also pushing back my cuticles all the time so this cream is a life time saver!  It makes it super easy to quickly push um back with just my thumb nail while at work or watching TV.  I really really really love Burt's Bees.  If I've been to your baby shower in the last year chances are you got a shit ton of BB clothes and products as my gift:)  and I have a feeling baby #2's gonna be my little BB baby!

This pregnancy I ditched the coco butter lotion and went straight for the coconut oil to prevent stretch marks.  Even before I got pregnant I've always had small fine ones on my hips. Since I've been pregnant and using coconut oil every day not only has it kept new ones at bay but the old ones are slowly disappearing.  Whoop whoop.

This list is very similar to the list I put together when I was pregnant with Charlie.  You can check that one out here.  I'm so happy to be doing this blog, I love going back and reading old posts to see how they compare to life now:)

My Baby Ritmo should totally be on this list but I can't find it anywhere.  I'm so disappointed that I haven't started using it yet.  I'm going to look one more place at my mom's house and if I can't find it there then I think I'm going to buy the BellyBuds this time around.  I HAVE to get this baby some jams ASAP!