Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Charlie Tales & Eeyores Tail

Lately Charlie has been saying some hilarious stuff!  His little sense of humor and personality are really shinning through.  It's funny though how some of the things he says that I once thought were so funny are now actually a little embarrassing when said in public and I'm trying to now correct it.  I used to get the biggest kick out of him whenever he would get mad he would shoot an evil eye and say "Why I oughta!".  So funny, until last week while at The Little Gym his teacher was going to help him do a handstand.  She got him to bend over, put both hands on the floor and then all of a sudden he popped up shaking a fist in her face "Why I oughta!" he growled.  All the parents got a good laugh but Ben and I (and the teacher too) not so much.  Oh Charles.
On the other hand, he is saying some really sweet things that just melt my heart.  The other day after I was done getting ready for work I asked Charlie  "How do I look?"  He replied "You yook HAPPY Mama!"  He totally nailed it:)

We all know how much Charlie loves Eeyore.  In the Winnie the Pooh movie Eeyore is always losing his tail and Christopher Robin always puts it back on for him.  A few months ago Ben's mom knitted him a tail with a little bow on the end just like Eeyores and the kid wears it everywhere!  He loves it!  It gets a lot of attention and he gets compliments on it everywhere we go. Last month we had to go to the emergency room because Charlie burnt his hand and he of course was wearing his tail.  He was the talk of the town among the staff, we had doctors and nurses popping into our room the whole time we were there.  Everyone wanted to see the cute little boy with the tail!  

Happy Spring!  And in the words of my gram...Spring has sprung, the grass is riz.  I wonder where ol' Stepher is:)