Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our weekend + St. Patrick's Day

I took last Friday and this Monday off so I could have a nice long weekend to help the Dude ditch his diapers!  We totally winged it. Got some big boy underwear, special treats and learned the happy potty dance...the rest is history:)  I did give myself an unrealistic goal of a full blown potty trained tot in a few short days but Charlie is doing very well.   He wears pull ups at night and when we leave the house (which he has done really well with understanding that even though it feels like a diaper he shouldn't go to the bathroom in them) and regular underwear while we are at home.  We pretty much lived in the bathroom all weekend so we got creative with bathroom snacks, activities and we of course had fun special potty treats for rewarding him.  Although it wasn't easy, we are very proud parents;) 

And on Monday we went out for free cones at DQ to celebrate;)

On St. Patrick's Day I was back to work so I snapped a couple festive selfies with the dude before running out the door and traded in a green beer for a green smoothie!!

I also just have to share this short clip.  Charlie is now memorizing his books and it is so cute to listen to him "read"!!  Sometimes he'll pick up a book, open it and say "Once upon a time!" It's pretty funny.  My pain in the ass phone cut off for no good reason while he started to read The Brown Bear book and there was no way Charlie was going to start over for me so this was all I got. It puts a huge smile on my face every time though!